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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyLicAIKCBs a savior has appeared
  2. Will be really the only way to sustain these servers as members wouldn't have to pay extra. 25k votes a day now, lets see if we can do it! no extra fee and I'm definitely coming back
  3. stand·ing (stndng) n. 1. a. Status with respect to rank, reputation, or position in society or a profession. b. High reputation; esteem: a person of standing in the community. 2. Continuance in time; duration: a friendship of long standing. 3. Law The right or capacity to initiate a suit. 4. The act of one that stands. 5. A place where a person or thing stands. 6. standings Sports A listing of individual competitors or of teams in a league according to their record of performance. take your pick.
  4. Pures v. Jagex Pures' Starting Ops: 399+ Jagex Starting Ops: Infinity Pures' Ending Ops: 0 Jagex Ending Ops: Slumping indefinitely since 2k7 Was a good fight who is the last pure/pure clan standing? gf PW.
  5. proof? This is last round. Just a little bit of what was pasted in our staff chan. It's not hard proof but we did get ddosed. Anyways I'm not sitting here and saying thats why we lost so you don't need to go on a big rage fest with me. GF. <00:18:08> "badger" dropped (connection lost) <00:18:08> "xFloor" connected to channel "FULLOUT" <00:18:08> "atommy1" dropped (connection lost) <00:18:08> "[EoP]Russ1" connected to channel "FULLOUT" <00:18:08> "Jacob" dropped (connection lost) <00:18:08> "Jacob" dropped (connection lost) <00:18:08> "Allen" dropped (connection lost) hard proof maybe i should of been more specific EoPropaganda. and rage fest? son im not even mad. but i'd appreciate it if you guys would stop ddosing me so I can train herblore, ty. yes it was a gf, now i will sit back and enjoy watching your pirate ship sink and forever be submerged in the cold, icy ocean
  6. proof? EDIT: 154 User(s) are reading this topic (92 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) activity on this topic is similar to full outs back in the good on days on Pure Community lol. note there wasn't any ddosing during those fullouts either
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