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  1. Terminal is a strong clan that only formed by its strong and loyal friends. Terminal soon noticed they was much more then just strong friends we started doing minis and realized what damage we was capable off doing. We started getting reputation across the community and we slowly got recognized and become more of a clan. Melee Option: 85+ Strength, 80+ Ranged, 82+ Magic Ranged Option: 85+ Ranged, 80+ Strength, 82+ Magic Magic Option: 94+ Magic, 80+ Strength, 80+ Ranged Hybrid option: 82+ Strength, 82+ range, 82+ mage All options must include 75+ hp, 1-25def C U N T S l Kane Tg Malo l James Feastt l Ryan TBA Turk Fabian TBA http://www.youtube.com/user/TerminalRSPS/videos #Terminal Site:http://w11.zetaboards.com/ClanTerminal/index/ Team speak info:You get this while Applying
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