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  1. Right, i think you might be bad at the internet. http://www.near-reality.com/forums/news/64...31-12-12-a.html OSS CLIENT DL - http://uppit.com/3jzc1t6e9psi/NR_2006_Client_v2.0.0.zip http://uppit.com/3jzc1t6e9psi/NR_2006_Client_v2.0.0.zip http://www.nrclient.com/osswebclient/ 06scape just folded up the ponzi scheme so we are now the ONLY version of 2006 runescape that actually has a community. Come give it a shot.
  2. Pure clan pking is actually starting to pick up i noticed, http://www.near-reality.com/forums/oss-clan-discussion/ 3 or 4 pure clans started up so far.
  3. Glad you had a good time. We've had 1 or 2 updates every day for the last week even through christmas. The server is just getting better every day.
  4. Yes i know, but a proper format with an active staff member responding to questions you may have is always going to be far more interesting.
  5. Yeah, i know it's not a priority right now - which is a shame. But getting a large playerbase first so that both worlds stay populated is a big condition before we can expand like that.
  6. Alright well when you guys get bored of Battlescape and want a server from the golden times of runescape feel free to come give nr OSS a shot.
  7. Not sure how the two are mutually exclusive? One is an 06 server and one appears to be a mesh of claws and chaotics and everything else 2010+? At the end of the day, Near reality OSS is specifically tailored to players who loved playing in 2006 and don't want the lousy updates that followed later.
  8. That's fine, i really hope 06scape is fun for you. Ill be around to answer questions anyway - Was told that you guys had a huge RSPS community so it's well worth the time to come visit and make the server known.
  9. I know that there are a lot of main clans on Near Reality. Since you only have one world those main clans will go out at the same time as the pures... No pure clan will move to this i guess... I was admin during the version v8 & v9 era of Near reality main server, back before any customs etc when it had only 1 world. They had 5 active main clans and 3 or 4 pure clans. The same will happen to the OSS soon enough.
  10. Multiple pure clans are opening up, the server has only been open for around 14 days now. We are hitting 600+ players ONLINE every single day. within a month there will be multiple established accounts.
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