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  1. Note: I am clanless, though I pk with a variety of clans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHExMHDDWhg I understand I was lacking the amount of combos and big hits expected, however I was unlucky with this video. The next video I will have trained my stats to an appropriate level where I can start reproducing better content. I do feel that I've edited this video a little better then the last taking into consideration that the last video was 'overedited' and tried my best to edit it reasonably. Features: -Variety of Weapons -Medium-High hits -Hybridding -Decent Loot -Anchor PKing -Good Music -Good Editing If you haven't seen my last video, please check here: http://www.pure-warfare.com/forums/topic/33568530-runescape-2007-two-blades-pk-vid-2-legends-arise/
  2. PK Vid 3 Teaser! NOTE: I am not in FOE or MM or any clan for that matter, I simply just PK with friends from different clans. Now judging from the feedback from the last video, I tried my best to obtain the best editing I could. The songs were also a tough decision, especially since I have a partnership and having a copy written song is dangerous. However, I've manage to do the best I could. In this video you will find: -Green Dragon PKing -Team PKings -Different weapons used -Better editing -Better music Enjoy.
  3. Yeah I know that the first one was low on variety, but you can trust me on the second PK vid to have alot of it XD.
  4. Hi, my name is Jake (a.k.a Two Blades) and I am a pure who has recently started making videos. Right now I am trying to build an audience who enjoys my media. I have achieved the following goals. 9,000+ Video Views 200+ Subscribers 100+ Thumbs Up Partnership My later goals are: 15,000+ Video Views 500+ Subscribers 250+ Thumbs Up I channel features many series such as Purely Progress, RuneScape LoLs and PK videos. Since this is the PK section, that's all we're going to worry about. New!: PK Vid 2 Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSDk1iMYjQA Basically this is an editing teaser for the new PK video, which will include more variety then the first did. It will include Gmaul combos, higher hits, ancients, briding and more. PK Vid 1: True Strength, Edgeville PKing My first PKing video. Haven't edited in a while and it is a flat job but it does the trick. Hope you guys enjoy. P.S I understand it is bland, the future PK videos will be better. More PK vids to come.
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