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[TTC]Team Total Corruption PK Vid 1

Obese Inc

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After having our forums hacked and having to rebuild everything, I decided we would take 2 weeks off to get everyone to register on forums, and while we set them back up, I decided it was about time we released a pk video. For the people who hacked us, you have only shown us what we are truly capable of as a team and how well we can stick together when things get tough. So thanks.




This PK Video Features Clips from the Following People:

Blainee - Choobglass - Danky - Discepolo123 - Gf By Me KO - I Infamous I - I PK Munch I - Ix Virtus xI - Karvajellona - Mains - Masta Evo - Obese Inc - Pinky Style - Ripendisease - Stre Pksalot - U G0t__Servd - Venomxkillz


The following programs were used in the making of this video:


Sony Vegas 9.0

Adobe After Effects CS4

Camtasia Studios



Special Thanks to the Following:

Cory - GotchoCrack

Tyler - K0ed_Harshly

[Coz] - St r 4 U

Brad - Pinky Style


As well as everyone who's been following us from the beginning and seen the progress we have made.



Without further adieu, I present to you on behalf of #ttc, Pk Video #1, enjoy!


~ Wars Come And Go, But My Soldiers Stay Eternal ~ 2Pac ~

~ Proud Leader Of TTC ~




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