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(13:37:32) * Connecting to irc.swiftirc.net (6667)...(13:37:33) * Connected to irc.swiftirc.net, logging in...-(13:37:33) -lotus.ca.us.SwiftIRC.net- *** Looking up your hostname...-(13:37:33) -lotus.ca.us.SwiftIRC.net- *** Checking ident...-(13:37:33) -lotus.ca.us.SwiftIRC.net- *** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead-(13:37:34) -lotus.ca.us.SwiftIRC.net- *** Received identd response-(13:37:34) * The nickname Aidan is already in use.  Trying backup nickname instead...(13:37:35) Welcome to the SwiftIRC IRC Network Aidan_!~Aidan@**.***.**.***(13:37:35) Logged onto lotus.ca.us.SwiftIRC.net as Aidan_-(13:37:35) Aidan` sets mode: +ix-(13:37:35) -Global- [Logon News - Aug 05 2010] We will now perform a passive scan on your IP to check for insecure proxies. These scans are harmless and will originate from **.***.**.*** and **.***.**.***. If you do not consent to these scans please disconnect immediately.-(13:37:35) -Global- [Logon News - Oct 24 2010] There have been several attempts recently by someone pretending to be a SwiftIRC service for the purposes of obtaining users' passwords. This is a friendly notice reminding all users that you should only enter your NickServ password through NickServ. E.g. /ns id yourpassword. Please exercise general password safety and know that the SwiftIRC staff will never ask you to state or confirm your password.-(13:37:35) -Global- [Logon News - Nov 04 2010] *** SECURITY NOTICE *** Due to a security issue recently identified in the SwiftIRC infrastructure, there is a risk that the nickname passwords of some users may have been compromised. Especially at risk are those using dictionary words or common passwords. Thus it is HIGHLY recommended that users change their passwords as soon as possible.-


It looks like it's gonna connect but it never opens up the new window (like, where it says #channelname) - and I've tried




/port 6666


Please help.

Retired March 2012


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