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Phe - Thursday \ 08-11-12 / - [ CASTLE WARS ] -

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[P]ure [H]ouse [E]ntertainment

Phe is a THURSDAY Event for pures to have a fun day enjoying fast killing and gaining good exp.

¥ Event Information ¥






¥ Starting Time/Date ¥




9:00 Gmt


3:00 Est


2:00 Central


12:00 Pacific


5:00 Aus


8:00 Nzs




¥ Location ¥

Yanille, Portal World 51


¥ Friends chat ¥

Optional to use is : Phtp_Channel

¥ Rules ¥


~20 def cap~



~Dung ON~


~Sum ON~


~Ovls ON~


~Sol Specs oN~


~Corrupts Weps ON~



~No Attking Alchers~

¥ Heads up Event for next week ¥


Not decided

¥ Last Week Video ¥

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sounds great :D

Proud Ex-member of Leet Tactics

Proud Elite of Terror

Proud Ex-Elite of Resistance

Proud Village Idiot of Terror/Resistance :D

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