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  1. `Pure


    you're not a very honorable opponent
  2. hell yeah i made two appearances
  3. `Pure

    42 Def

    get that mining breh
  4. cause when a pure becomes corrupt it has become a main it actually kinda makes more sense now
  5. Of course it's possible. Glad I could answer your question.
  6. `Pure


    I liked it before anyway.
  7. `Pure


    i did it for you
  8. Why not treat it the way teleporting used to be treated then? If you get caught doing it on a trip you're booted. Like you guys like to say. You gotta adapt to survive. At least this way clans will continue going out.
  9. Because it's the wilderness and you're supposed to kill people. I remember when clans pked for killing mains and loot... :ninja:
  10. Wouldn't action (and possibly losing omg scary) be better than no action? Are you guys so stubborn that you'd rather just stay in clan wars? Serious question. Granted I haven't tried new EOC yet, but the way it's been described it sounds like you guys are the ones making the problem. If I'm wrong about the way it works than sorry. I'm just curious. :ninja:
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