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Skul/Spartan/T Achilles D

YouTube channel complete

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Hey guys i recently finished my channel.


Few things.


* Check out my awesome background and my intro along with my first video that i just uploaded.


There will be a link bellow for my page!

Here is a link to my recent and only video.


CLICK HERE WATCH 300 spartans destory persians


* Hey guys this is Project Spartan i am going to tell you little bit about myself and what i am doing with this channel!


I am gaming commator who loves ancient history! I plan to make this a fun channel to view and some serious gaming along with that! I would say i am serious gamer who enjoys to win but can also take a loss, After all its only a game and we all play for FUN.


Lists of games that i will upload! This list will be added on to.

* Halo 4

* Rome total war, empire total war and all total war games.

*Battlefield 3

* Battlescape ( Re make of old runescape )

* League of Legends


I will be adding more games onto this list!



If you enjoyed my video or hated it! Like or leave a comment or even subscribe me if you like what i am doing


The Dreaded, The Hatred, Sanctity.


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Your youtube link is a failure. Just saying, fix.


Proud Leader of Chivalry, Rest in peace

I became Infected as of 12/10/08, and I refused treatment.
Proud Founder of Infection, number one at it's time

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The Raincor has spoken.





QUOTE (Kingrang3194 @ Jul 21 2012, 07:49 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

rofl why is a banana






Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with samurai swords.

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