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  1. Hey guys check out my new rome total war video! I hope everyones doing well its been a while since i have visited these fourms been around since 2007 and now that scape is back! :D
  2. Hey guys i recently finished my channel. Few things. * Check out my awesome background and my intro along with my first video that i just uploaded. There will be a link bellow for my page! Here is a link to my recent and only video. CLICK HERE WATCH 300 spartans destory persians * Hey guys this is Project Spartan i am going to tell you little bit about myself and what i am doing with this channel! I am gaming commator who loves ancient history! I plan to make this a fun channel to view and some serious gaming along with that! I would say i am serious gamer who enjoys to win but can also take a loss, After all its only a game and we all play for FUN. Lists of games that i will upload! This list will be added on to. * Halo 4 * Rome total war, empire total war and all total war games. *Battlefield 3 * Battlescape ( Re make of old runescape ) * League of Legends I will be adding more games onto this list! If you enjoyed my video or hated it! Like or leave a comment or even subscribe me if you like what i am doing
  3. Im looking for someone with high skills in gfx! Someone who can do cartoon type banners like fi, mm, eop, tlp banners, I need something similar done for my youtube channel background i will pay good real life money for this! Reason im not posting in graphics section is because i have already and NO ONE looks in that section so i got no reply! So if you could help me out or know anyone who can let me know by inbox!
  4. I just created a youtube channel im looking for someone who can make a good youtube background for me? I'm sure we can work something out! Either leave me inbox or just reply.
  5. Except we wouldnt pick a fight to crash where the total opts heavily out number and out class us, then proceed to cry about "teamers" when we do the logical thing and turn on the Crashers. I never said i agreed with them crying about it! I totally agree with you on that bit! But im just saying they crash because they simply get no fights.
  6. Gj tlp one of my fav clans THO! Possibly MM crashed because no one will fight them? If i was them i would crash to! So would you all.... So stop talking smack.
  7. Well done to both clans! MM done well with there 1 defence compared to foe 30-40 defence levels. Foe are the best p2p pure clan ever. MM are the best f2p ever. Its a shame mm has to deal with everyones defence.
  8. Fullouts should be in t he wildy non of this 100 cap ********.... Get a few clans to ac it. We all know fi, foe, mm, eop can pull 100! BORING.
  9. To much complaining, Stop being *******........ If everyone has to use 1 defence then whats the problem? Or are you trying to complain that you need your addy to win? ( Im not bias i have been clanless for a year )
  10. You don't even need TS for Mid-sized preps so im not sure why FI are making such a big deal about winning without it. GJ tho.
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