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Authority - Take Full Control

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Authority was brought together by a community of 2 clans; Control and Massacre.

Many people of these two communities were still playing and a few of the ranks were still active so we decided

to form this clan and give this community another shot. We thought that this was going to be a small project to bring our clan mates back together and to have a good time, but we soon realized that this community was on the rise and that our rival clans were still taking the pure scene seriously. That's when we decided to make the arrangements to make this clan genuine.This clan is based on the idea of progress and innovation. We're always willing to have tough challenges and to set up new goals. We're a clan that focuses on the quality of our members and to make sure that everyone is on top of their game. Our main concept is to have fun, have a strong community and to enjoy our time playing RuneScape.



Emperor - Zee - Ex Leader of Control, One of the best matched op MPC's on OSRS. Good with keeping the community together and does whatever is needed to keep things on task.


Leader - Divine - Ex Warlord of Control, an amazing caller in F2P, Given the chance to step up as a leader, has amazing potential to do well.


High Council - bald mate - Ex Leader of Pures of Today, High Council of Havoc, Officer of Carnage, a workhorse when working behind the scenes, always has great input on decisions and a master of spy networks.


Warlord - Dripz - Ex Leader of Massacre, Warlord and High Council of Final Ownage Elite, Also called for several clans in the past. An amazing addition to any clan, knowing full well on what he is doing and a great caller in both P2P and F2P
Warlord - Buddz - Ex Warlord of Control, A great caller in the P2P Server, with experience from calling from other clans proves to have a lot of potential to help out this clan.


Council - KFC - Ex Council[/size] of Control, Amazing position for KFC as a council, consistently doing whatever is needed to improve the clan and keeping with the community.

Council - Hampers - The new guy on the block, Has not been a rank in any clans before; However, has the potential to be an amazing addition to this leadership.


Melee OptionSoaH1za.png

80+ Strength

70+ Range

70+ Magic

Range OptionBaTkbyF.png

80+ Range

70+ Strength

70+ Magic

Magic OptionLEbmMh4.png

82+ Magic (Incl. DT completed)
70+ Ranged
70+ Strength


pazbt.png 73+ 1g7di7g.png 25-


GaFFqdD.png uIQRH7P.png

Authority.teamspeak3.com #Authority-RS



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