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  1. Authority was brought together by a community of 2 clans; Control and Massacre. Many people of these two communities were still playing and a few of the ranks were still active so we decided to form this clan and give this community another shot. We thought that this was going to be a small project to bring our clan mates back together and to have a good time, but we soon realized that this community was on the rise and that our rival clans were still taking the pure scene seriously. That's when we decided to make the arrangements to make this clan genuine.This clan is based on the idea of progress and innovation. We're always willing to have tough challenges and to set up new goals. We're a clan that focuses on the quality of our members and to make sure that everyone is on top of their game. Our main concept is to have fun, have a strong community and to enjoy our time playing RuneScape. Emperor - Zee - Ex Leader of Control, One of the best matched op MPC's on OSRS. Good with keeping the community together and does whatever is needed to keep things on task. Leader - Divine - Ex Warlord of Control, an amazing caller in F2P, Given the chance to step up as a leader, has amazing potential to do well. High Council - bald mate - Ex Leader of Pures of Today, High Council of Havoc, Officer of Carnage, a workhorse when working behind the scenes, always has great input on decisions and a master of spy networks. Warlord - Dripz - Ex Leader of Massacre, Warlord and High Council of Final Ownage Elite, Also called for several clans in the past. An amazing addition to any clan, knowing full well on what he is doing and a great caller in both P2P and F2P Warlord - Buddz - Ex Warlord of Control, A great caller in the P2P Server, with experience from calling from other clans proves to have a lot of potential to help out this clan. Council - KFC - Ex Council[/size] of Control, Amazing position for KFC as a council, consistently doing whatever is needed to improve the clan and keeping with the community. Council - Hampers - The new guy on the block, Has not been a rank in any clans before; However, has the potential to be an amazing addition to this leadership. Melee Option 80+ Strength 70+ Range 70+ Magic Range Option 80+ Range 70+ Strength 70+ Magic Magic Option 82+ Magic (Incl. DT completed) 70+ Ranged 70+ Strength 73+ 25- www.Authority-RS.com www.rsclanbase.com/clans/authority Authority.teamspeak3.com #Authority-RS Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ml20wswpl0Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k848jDJINuo http://youtu.be/MNSCnU1WhJ8 http://youtu.be/RIoV50HCnfM
  2. if that where true you would have been the first to play private servers
  3. After the short winded battles last Sunday due to BattleScape servers going down, Massacre were out today to make up for it. Starting with a pull of around 52 and peaking to 55 shortly after we kept a steady but quality pull throughout the trip. Video(s) We started off our trip joining in a \"royal rumble\" at gap, with pretty much every clan on BattleScape. We saw Temptation were around gap and decided it would be best to work on them first, after a few spinning back kicks and the odd bodyslam we managed to clear up Temptation, who were sandwiched between us and another clan, before doing the smart thing and dipping to singles with our much deserved loot. Thanks for the action. ;P After getting a quick bank our scouts found us a nice, little fight at 18 ports, it was Trilogy Vs Unlimited. Not wanting to miss out on this loot we moved as fast as our hooves would allow us to and managed to get to 18 ports while the action was still about. After clearing a few stragglers we moved north-east to find the rest of the clan, whether this was Unlimited or Trilogy I don\'t know, but either way it was some juicy loot we could not resist, clearing up the remainder of both clans. Thinking it was the end of the fight at 18 ports and north-east near hills, Dripz herded the almighty buffalo east towards singles, however before we could get there Temptation came in from the west. Doing a quick u-turn and coming back on ourselves we started to hit Temptation from the top of 26 hills, although a short lived fight we cleared them up. With our invents full we were about to dip out, sadly for us, The Last Pures got wind of the slaughter that was going down and hit us on hills. We attempted to fight back but with our inventories full of loot from Unlimited, Trilogy and Temptation we were obviously not in the best position at the time, and were cleared. After that anticlimax we were determined to get straight back into the fighting, and word was going around the scouts channel that Annihilation and The Last Pures were having a fight east of moss giants. Swiftly making our way up we hit from the far east side of moss giants, hitting the cluster of members that their fight had caused, as we were managing to push the clans north west Trilogy rushed in. Knowing that Trilogy would be a better fight at the current time we focused solely on them, clearing them up. Thanks to every clan for the fights. Before you comment, remember it\'s just a game, this is our point of view, and enjoy your weeks.[/font]
  4. Introduction Today was a another successful day at Pure Clan League. We managed to pull an amazing 48, soon peaking at 51 to our short notice PCL. We had some amazing fights with Trilogy and The Last Pures, the one that stood out to me the most was against TLP, We was outnumbered by 10, the fight being 47 Ma vs 57 TLP and managed to bring them down to 25, no we did not win but we did a amazing job outnumbered. Thanks for the fights TLP and Trilogy. Massacre Vs Trilogy Massacre Starting:44 Ending:39 Trilogy Starting:40 Ending:0 Massacre Vs Trilogy Massacre Starting:46 Ending:37 Trilogy Starting:42 Ending:0 Massacre Vs The Last Pures Massacre Starting:47 Ending:0 TLP Starting:58 Ending:25 Massacre Vs The Last Pures Massacre Starting:44 Ending:0 TLP Starting:63 Ending:48 Massacre Vs Trilogy Massacre Starting:44 Ending:37 Trilogy Starting:41 Ending:0 Massacre Vs Trilogy Massacre Starting:47 Ending:34 Trilogy Starting:39 Ending:0 Massacre Vs Trilogy Massacre Starting:45 Ending:39 Trilogy Starting:36 Ending:0
  5. Introduction Well it was a amazing today for the Red Buffalo Herd. We managed to make history on battlescape with an Amazing 97 Man Pull and took on every single clan in the wilderness. It was an amazing trip, We Came and we Conquered. Most members ever online in one day was 176, last accomplished on 24 Nov 2012. - Forum Record Shoutouts -Annihilation for giving us free wins Lmfao -Battlescape for having 800 Players on at once <3 -Shout out to Annihilation + Temptation for giving us sufficient proof of your clan losing every fight to Massacre in your perspective and vidding our trip. Our Trip Started off at Old Gate, We got to old gate knowing Annihilation was on the other side, Knowing we would clump if we was the run through we did it anyways and took advantage with our 97 Man pull and demolished Annihilation within a few seconds before getting crashed. So fight soon turned into a massive cluster, Us pushing west ontop of every single clan moving onto spider Hill, it was a massive clump fest but our numbers where way to much for them and cleared them up and moved into singles. So Annihilation camped singles after we feasted on them in the last fight, once again taking advantaged of our 100 man pull we hit them in singles and chased them down before watching them home port right in front of us lmfao. After teleing up with 51 Lever and found out Annihilation was north of the scorpion pit we hit them from the West side chasing them right through forcing ourselfs right ontop of them and clumping the hell out of them, managing to clear them up within 20 seconds. After moving east of the scorpion pit we saw trilogy on the other side with around 30 people, we dominated the scene and cleaned them up within a few second. After clearing both Trilogy and Annihilation we moved towards 50 ports then ran into temptation with us having around 70 people due to the 2 past fights and managed to force them into teleing out as we cleared the rest of them up. Ai got a re rush west of 50 ports and we rushed blah blah blah we cleared them with ease l0l. For the last fight we found Annihilation was north of Gap so we got a spread south, then to find out Temptation was rushing from the east, We pulled East of temptation and used them as meat shields Dominating anything in our path. Trilogy soon got a rush into the battle turning the fight into a massive 4 way cluster. we moved west away from the clumps with around 75 people slowly pushing the whole fight east and clearing them up before hitting singles.
  6. A little birdy told me clans where massing up for a midweek, so we managed to mass up 30 Strong buffalo for a midweek and take on the Pink and Green Mains for the community. After massing up for a good 20 minutes we found out Trilogy and Temptation where having a PKRI at Gap south west of GDZ hut. We moved in swiftly from the north and maintaining dominance strait away. we moved west pushing both clans towards spider hill. After that we got aggressive and started to clap out both clans left right and center before dipping west and claiming the win. We heard Temptation and Trilogy both got regroups at GDZ so we decided to re bank and then re hit the fight. we got a mass tele up to 90 Teleport and moved north west taking out Trilogy first because of them being on the north side. Once there was no trilogy visible we cleared up any pink dots in site. The fight went on for a good 20-30 minutes with us having full control at all times. We decided to get a massive regroup and clear up the whole fight before claiming the win north of old gate. Gege mo ****ers.
  7. Well i am now retired from runescape overall. after seeing all these updates happening etc i thought its not even worth a comeback. game is pretty much dead, might as well deal with it. What i have been doing: Feel free to join once runescape dies officialy
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