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Rare Name Pics/seen


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This topic was on Pure Community, i figured id bring it back.


Post any "rare" name pictures here, or if you've seen a rare name and etc.


ill go first






awh, i deleted my "Player" picture from when i tried to recruit him into AAO :D


I have more names ive seen rather then screenied. I dont feel like listing them though :)


>>Atrocity High Council/FA Manager<<
>>Proud Against All Odds High Council<<

>>Proud Against All Odds High Council<<





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This best One I've bothered to screenie:




And my own Rsn: Roflhard I thinks pretty rare? :P

"it used to take over my life but now im no longer a prisinor of the game, i will never let myself get addicted again."


Quit 9/25/10

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