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Hypercam help


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For some reason when i vid with hypercam i cant use hotkeys on rs

I changed the hypercam settings so they dont use any F buttons and i still cant use em

is there a way to change this or should i get camtasia(or is camtasia the same)

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haven't tried using hotkeys with camtasia, but I do prefer it. Main reason is the whole 'Unregistered Hypercam' in the top left really annoys me :P


to get it, simply go to Techsmith's website and download the free, 30 day, trial.

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Camtasia man. Go to thepiratebay and DL one. I think i got mine from some guy with a D here i will give u the link...




read the dl part. After u dl use part 3 only then use that keygen he give u. free Camtasia! W00t W00t

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