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  1. Melee Option: 60+ Strength, 50+ Ranged Range Option: 60+ Ranged, 50+ Strength Mage Option: 60+ Magic, 50+ Strength, 50+ Ranged All Applicants must have 20+ Attack, 40+ Hitpoints Clan Chat: "T_E_Channel"
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    Team Elite

    *Index* *About us* *Team Info* *Requirements* *Officials* *GFX-Comming Soon* *Videos* *About us* Team Elite is a new F2P & P2P Team started off of a few old and new friends, We have all been a part of the pure community for years. So when the idea was brought up of getting a team together everyone was all for it, A few of us dont have the time for clanning, so it was a way for us all to get together and just have some fun, and thats what this team is all about "friends having fun & owning". so you wont be joining just based off just meeting the requirements, we will be doing more matched opts mini's & preps/run in's rather then just going out and pking at first with a low opening ML and just getting out opt'd, also we are still brand new so we are Working on recruiting a base community. we are a family, a community & we are friends, and you are invited to become a part of it. Check us out who knows maybe you'll want to join, You can't stop whats coming! *Team Info* Home *Requirements* Melee Option: 90+ Strength, 85+ Ranged 80+ Magic Range Option: 90+ Ranged, 85+ Strength 80+ Magic Magic Option: 94+ Magic, 80+ Strength, 85+ Ranged All applicants must have 60+ Attack, 82+ Hitpoints, 43+ Prayer and 1-35 Defence 10+ defence must be quested, 30+defence must have Turmoil. *Officials* *GFX-Comming soon!* *Videos*
  3. Junior #indestructable :) you guys are welcome to join. i'll always have room for you guys<3
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