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  1. Thanks bby I always known you had that Intensity still running through those veins
  2. The best staff ever was 1.Inu 2.Willturb 3.Zaya 4.Ricky 5.Yousif
  3. no one gives a **** retard go die
  4. IR vs Z was my favorite IR vs Carnage was good
  5. I think every clan has managed to pull 100 so far
  6. Ok time to gather some videos for this cp idiot These are the most recent videos I've found If you want I can grave dig on IR tube to find more
  7. So you're telling me CP was better than IR in F2P matched? F2P Matched - 1.TLP 2.FI 3.MM 4.IR 5.EOP/FOE Now if you think this list is bias or IR isn't a good F2P matched clan you can easily just link me some videos of clans under IR beating us more than we beat them.
  8. ricky had the best speech by far..
  9. Intense Redemption Vs Zenith was the most heated rivalry at the time. Probably the cleanest and best fullout in the past year
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