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  1. doesn't matter it's still funny rofl The fact that they're trying to humiliate Scott because he consistently rips their clan apart verbally but have failed to do so makes it all the more hilarious actually. Why are you talking in third person, Scott? Interesting choice to ask Andrew if you can use his Pure Warfare account lol, I know Andrew and he doesn't type like that. :teehee: Too bad the mods are oblivious lol. Good job EOP. It's not Andrew, nor is it Scott.
  2. doesn't matter it's still funny rofl The fact that they're trying to humiliate Scott because he consistently rips their clan apart verbally but have failed to do so makes it all the more hilarious actually.
  3. You realise Scottdoeslaw isn't Scott right? Nothing like a failed attempt at humiliating someone.
  4. Your vidder is wearing full adamant, please close your clan -___-
  5. unban scott and give it to him
  6. Well at least we know Kung-fu. Idk what type of martial arts you and your gang of Indian brothers do... dhanurvidya or kalarikalai or whatever the hell you guys perform. Probably the most you guys do, is some kind of crazy ass ritual where you pour and rub curry all over each others body whilst screaming "ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH!" ^ That was for refusing to have a rap battle with me on TS btw. this razy lacism is uncalled for.
  7. Was at the fight on my EoP spy. EoP got pushed from GDZ to mossies and then hugged single all fight.
  8. I think you'll find it's Scottilla the hun.
  9. EoP seem heated at the punishment Fatality subjected them to today.
  10. Wow, just realized 1k posts :dotfire: :dotfire:
  11. → ↨↨ ← IRC: #NME Website/Forums - http://nme-rs.com ╔ ← ↔ → ╗ ♪ Videos ♪ ╚ ← ↔ → ╝ → ↨↨ ← With not much emphasis on this trip at all, the mighty Enemians were pleasently surprised with our fantastic pull of 68 people throughout our 2 and a half hour trip which featured a wonderful fight with MM and the demolition of the crumbling Eruption of Pures. Enemy Vs Mayhem Makers With the mighty Enemians taking one side of the battlefield as their own and the ferocious Mayhem Makers holding the other, an epic battle ensued. Many a friend and foe fell to their enemies blades and bows. The warm stretch of charred turf between moss giants and corporal beast was diluted with the blood of a thousand slain warriors, only for them to return to the fight seconds later. Both clans controlled the fight at different times, with an outright winner never clearly establishing themselves. Just as Enemy began dictating the fight again, a crumbling pirate ship appeared in the distance. Enemy Vs Eruption of Pures Upon the arrival of the decaying pirate ship, the Mayhem Makers retreated to single and let Enemy take on the weak asspirates. Their futile spams of "crumbling" and "LOL NME" were in vein, as something drastic happened to their onrushing ranks. With a hint of overconfidence, EoP thought the battle had been won before it had even begun. Unfortunately for them, there was a presence in this fight that they had not anticipated. They never saw it coming. With no LS to be their meatshields in sight, they ran straight into the enraged `Scott, who instantly disemboweled [EOP]Jonty and then crippled [EOP]Milky. The fear in [EOP]Solo's eyes as his wheelchair was rolled into the lava was extremely amusing to the Enemians as they watched on in awe of `Scott. Then, out of no-where a young man named George who was looking to make a name for himself stepped up, doubting the capabilities of `Scott. "You can't beat me!" George shouted, his bottom lip quivering at the sight of `Scott's masculinity. "You may think that", Scott replied, "but you are forgetting one vital thing". Scott approached the final buttpirate and overshadowed his small stature. "I Do Law!" Screamed `Scott, and in one swift movement he raised his hammer of justice and brought it down upon the face of George, ensuring that he would never bother the mighty Enemians again. TLDR: EoP crashed our fight with MM and focused on Enemy, but we absolutely assraped them and by the time MM rejoined the fight EoP were all but cleared Enemy Vs Random Mains We ended our trip by fighting some random mains including Nippon Q's team. Not much to say here, but we did get some nice loot. A fantastic trip for Enemy thanks to an extremely fun fight with the Mayhem Makers. A fight without interruption from mains; a rare commodity nowadays. I'd also like to quickly mention that prior to the fight with MM, we also had a run in with them at maze hill but we were cleared. Good job MM.
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