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  1. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ Today Execution set out for their first F2P Saturday. We pulled 50 to this event and easily dominated every other clan that was out. We maintained 35+ for 2 hours and 30 minutes of ownage. We cleared every pure clan that was out in F2P today other than Mayhem Makers, who had over double our pull. EXE vs YR/LT We walked up and hopped to one of those F2P worlds. As soon as we logged in, the Young Rebels rushed us in single for some reason. We fought back and pushed them down to level 1. We immediately got a fall in and walked back north, where we found LT just a few steps into multi. We rushed them, but were only able to kill 2-3 before the high-tailed it to single strip. EXE vs SP Then, we ourselves went to single strip. We hopped worlds and rushed 26hills where we found around 20 Salvation Pures. We easily cleared up the lil' guys. Thanks for staying and fighting unlike most clans. Respect SP. EXE vs SV/LT Afterwards we headed out to seek some more revenge on Sovereign. We found them and Leet Tactics around the bandit camp. We pushed them north where we cleare them all up. While we were clearing up SV north, LT was getting a regroup north of castle and picking off our stragglers. We rushed south and cleared most of them. We then chased their 10 survivors down to level 1 then went for some prayer and our first bank. EXE vs E/YR, ft. MM While banking, we got word that Epidemic were around 13 ports. We rushed it and easily cleared them up as they only pulled around 15-20 (I think). After clearing them up, Young Rebels appeared north. We pushed onto them. Shortly after Mayhem Makers crashed, so we went west to single and walked down. EXE vs SV/CP After that, we found Sovereign walking around near Chaos Alter. We cleared them up easily. With no single spot near, we were able to take them all down. We immediately ran to single strip. From there were headed north, as we heard the Corrupt Pures were outside of Maze. By the time we showed up, there were only around 10 CP there. We killed the few that we could, then headed out. EXE vs CP, ft HI After that we got our first real 1v1 against Corrupt Pures. They were inside Chaos Alter at this time. We rushed in and had a good, long fight with them. It was a ton of fun. It ended with Exe taking the advantage with our superior piling and spamming. Thanks a ton for the fight CP, it was alot of fun. Oh and after we were clearing up the last of CP south of the alter, Hostility tried to rush us with like 15. Unfortunately it didn't do them much good. We turned around and made them all die, logg out, or dip out. EXE vs HI After that we found Hostility in a DD at sperm hill. We pushed on top of their hill and cleared them up in about 12.32 seconds. Soldier's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwhZGf1vsKw Alex's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzSGQOnlEl8 Wee-Bay's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ovmsbXP2u8Y P50's Video
  2. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ Execution went out Thursday to try out F2P and got a fight vs Control. We had 24 they had about 20. We fought around 18 ports. We were givin' um the ole maple shortbow-rune scim smackdown. We took down a big portion of Control when MM crashed. Both clans pulled souh to 12wild where we finished off the CT survivors. Goodfight guys. Then on Friday we went out PKing in P2P. We found Control at sperm hill and were like "BAM!" So obviously we killed them that way, pushing the survivors down to level 14 or something where we cleared um up. Then some main came with a dbow and he was smited out. Next we organized a RM against CT at GDZ. We went up to defend, but CT did not show up. Instead, the clan Sudden Knock out came in their place. The 30v30 battle of red vs green started. We caught them in some huge clumps from the start and made work of them using our powerful ancient magicks. After SKO were defeated and loots were being picked up, Havoc crashed like homosexuals. So we fought Havoc but we were all outa food and really low on numbers so they beat us, BUT we killed like half of them first so...HA! WOOO OWNAGE!!!11 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BzhzDeF94B8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM9oR_A4X-g
  3. No, that's Tarzan, but we're the next best thing.
  4. We had a good 3/4 of our numbers when I realized that you guys were killing everyone who didn't want down to level 1, so I told everyone to run back up and kill you real quick. We had quite a few when we rushed you so I don't think you could've killed too many of us.
  5. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ Today Execution set out for a unscheduled Sunday PK trip. We pulled a good 39 men and whatever Marcus is to this trip, totaling at a strong 40 pull, and keeping 30+ the duration. We focused on Sovereign today, getting revenge for them hacking our forums and several members. We even forced clans to team up on us and still managed to win. This was one of the most fun trips we've had and I now have a pretty large collection of purple hats in the bank. Thanks to everyone who showed up. BvG's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9QF4pizKpY&feature=youtu.be Marcus's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34RVodfTb7o Alex's Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTfCUNpgyKw EXE vs SV/E We found Sovereign defending near near gate. We quickly made our way up to hit them. We rushed in quickly, killing half while the other half logged out. We then found Epidemic directly northeast of where SV were, so we pushed into them and cleared them up. Immediantly afterward, we got SV's new world. We hopped quickly and caught the other half of them at CA. EXE vs SV/LT Next we found Leet Tactics defending at sperm hill. As we rushed in, they immediately pulled east. While we followed them eased, SV rushed in from the south, staying off LT. We took on both clans and finished them both up, leaving only a few left alive in single strip. EXE vs SV+EF At this point in the trip, Exiled Force moved into Sovereign's teamspeak, and put on their hat and cape. They even spammed lines of EF and EF names at the fights, making for one of the most obvious cases of teaming ever. We found the alliance around sperm hill, they had just cleared up someone. We rushed in and killed them all fairly easily. EXE vs SV+EF+LT After that, we walked down to bank, but found around 10 LT at level 6. We killed them all and added some black hats to our inventories to accompany the purple ones. Next we heard that the SVEF alliance were beginning to walk back up, so we spread around level 10, and had around a 20minute return fight there. Around halfway through the fight, LT rushed in from the west side of the fight, killing only Execution and staying off SV. With a quick push southwest we were able to kill off all of the LT. Then with one last push south, all of SV/EF/LT alliance were finished. EXE vs E After we pushed SV down, we heard around 10-15 Epidemic were sniping our stragglers. We rushed back up to level 12 or so and cleared them up then called it a day. Pictures
  6. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ We were bored today with nothing to do, so I contacted Eradicate for a 15v15 in Castle Wars. They accepted and the fight was on! Unfortunately, it ended in a 0-0 tie, both clan's defensive powers were too strong. Unfortunately Eradicate didn't want a second or third round, so we headed off to fight pits and did a fun FFA with the clan. This was alot of fun and a great break from our training. We had alot of laughs, even managed to catch them in around an 8man clump at the beginning. Thanks for the fun fight, ER! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZJz7_Q2_m3Y Sorry about the lack of pictures.
  7. http://execution-rs.com/forum/ Execution had previously planned F2P style inners at fight pits, in order to prepare for the upcoming servers. We ended up pulling 40 to this fun event, and had 20v20 F2P fights amongst ourselves. After around an hour or so of fun fighting, we decided to end our inners. We offered an unofficial PK trip to anyone who wished to PK. We pulled around 35, and had a unexpected but excellent pk trip. Alex|Waar's Video (Missing last minute of so of EOP fight and POP fight) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPLWiHvNAxw Our first fight of the night was against Leet Tactics. They defended around the level 31 black knight hill. We rushed in and after a bit of skillful piling by our members, LT was defeated. Thanks for the fight guys! After that, we ventured into world 2. Around hillz hut, we ran into EOP. We ended up in a return fight around hillz for a while against them, which ended with Execution pushing EOP to single strip while TLA (Level 50s clan) was sniping us from the northwest. Thanks for the fight guys, It was alot of fun and really intense. Our last bit of action was against Plague of Pures. We found them around Chaos Alter. We cleared them up fairly easily. Pictures [/url]
  8. Haha yeah. The 'X' on the cape fits perfectly for our clan, we're green and spam lines of X and X names ingame.
  9. If you're trying to insult us, know that MM/FOE aren't the only clans that can pull high. Everyone who attended our trip has applied. EVO was pulling 60 and SOP was pulling 45 when 2007scape came back and the clans merged. It would only make sense that we pull high.
  10. Execution set out today for another great Saturday PK trip. EXE once again reached a new highest pull, peaking at 70 and maintaining 50+ for the duration. Unfortunately, MM pulled about double what we did, and everyone else pulled like 40 or less, so our trip mainly consisted of hitting little guys and surprising MM at the end Videos: More videos uploading soon! Marcus's Vid: Whole Trip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9xhLr_nBH8 Soldier's Vid: Whole Trip Alex|Waar's Vid of the MM Fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgSL4ZtRyDQ P50s showing BV fights and MM fight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsmqHBm2jxI Our first action of the night was against Control. They had just finished up a fight against Eradicate. We hit them around the lava gap and cleared them up quickly. Next, we found Intense Redemption around the 31 hill, north of sperm. We rushed them and made quick work of them with our superior numbers. After that, we found Hostility around 26hills. We killed a few, but most of them logged. We immediately rushed north to find Exiled Force. We pushed onto them and quickly killed off all the purple hat wearers. Next, we found Bloody Vikingz at 26hills in a fall in. We made work of them rather easily. Once again the Bloody Vikingz were caught in our grasp. We rushed their fall in at level 9 multi, but were only able to kill a few before they all dipped out to single. Next we chased Alliance around for a bit. Making them logg a few times. Then we logged in on top of them, killed 5 or so, then they ended their trip. After that we heard Bloody Vikingz were around sperm hill. We rushed in and chased them down till they were south of CA. Around level 10 wilderness the Bloody Vikingz began to fight back. We easily piled them down, then went south to bank our loot. After that, we went to W2 for some loot; however, MM wished to ruin this. They attempted to rush us near sperm hill, but instead the Mayhem Makers were caught in a huge clump across the lava. Our barragers and bursters made easy work of their clump, successfully GWASing MM. Trip Pictures:
  11. Execution-rs.com Execution had two really fun midweek PKRIs, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. We won both and they were a lot of fun. Thanks to both clans for the fights and all the members that attended. Our first fight was against Corrupt Pures. We fought them around Dwarves. We won and lewts were made. We cleared CP, then they regrouped and re-rushed us with full food and got the best of us. Thanks for the fight guys. ] We fought Eradicate on Thursday. This fight took place around the lava gap. Execution made some tactical movements and caught some nice clumps in order to claim victory this fight. Thanks for the fight ER. We had around 20 for this, not 50. Bank loot was made. (20:09:45) <[ER]teroy> lol, gratz on 50v 18 (20:09:48) <[ER]teroy> so **** mate
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