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  1. beat u 2 days ago as an mpc, better achievement eh?
  2. We peaked at 35 to this prep, sadly mercy only pulled around 17-19 and we respectfully sat. Enjoy the videos and pictures. In addition, we did not lose a single person the first round and and only lost 1 person the second round. Even though we were heavily out leveled, our organization and war'rers were excellent. They decided to leave after the second round because they got ROMPED. Truly, no other clan has accomplished what unlimited has achieved in this LPC era on this style of combat on Runescape. Sadly, clans like mercy realize we are a force to compete with, consequently, the amount of propaganda they feed their members is beyond too much and serious. However, we have committed ourselves to a true low pure clan, therefore, we do not associate ourselves with ddosing nor hacking. Although, proof of mercy ddosing will be shown below just to prove a point, disallowing mercy to backfire with telling their members that we ddosed them because propaganda is the only thing they are good at which is pretty sad. Before we head onto the amazing videos and pictures of UL owning, we shall show you the horrible acts mercy resorts when competing with us and when desperate for a win. [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> ur talking **** because? [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> thought u learned the first time :/ [16:26] <[CP]Thunder> no [16:26] <[CP]Thunder> im talking to **** [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> guess i gotta boot u for 4 more hours [16:26] <[CP]Thunder> lol [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> loading it up now [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> cya [16:26] <[CP]Thunder> changed ip [16:26] <[CP]Thunder> so gl [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> still got ur ip m8 :) [16:26] <[Hi]Xman> so gl Our ts getting ddosed at trip: Funny quote from elmo!! LOL (14:34:47) <[uL]Elmo> allen (14:34:49) <[uL]Elmo> do u know Owen? (14:35:09) <``Allen> na whos that (14:36:16) <[uL]Elmo> Ow-en-3! ************! (14:36:17) <[uL]Elmo> (14:36:41) <[uL]Elmo> Gottem. (14:37:19) <``Allen> **** u motherfuckin asian **** (14:37:35) <[uL]Elmo> lmfao mad? (14:37:35) * No such nickname/channel (``Allen) Aiming's Video Alex's Video Thunder's Video
  4. Log started: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 19:45:22 GMT Standard Time (19:45:22) <L3et> ``allen (19:45:24) <L3et> we're not coming up (19:45:25) <L3et> too many mains so we asked to fight low wild but you guys didn't want to come up in wildy because you had like 30 ppl left towards the end of the trip when we had 40. Them mm invites/terror and yr will not last. Lmfao!
  5. Since you lost dropped from 20 to 16 in round 2, we rushed you to rechallenge but you guys decided to leave. Thanks for the flame free prep :P
  6. even though you had to bring mains to compete and 10-15 yr kids, we still smashed you. Thank you come again next week :)
  7. pretty action packed sadly clans like terror and ef went clan wars that ruin wilderness sat pk trips :/
  8. seems like you had 10 yr kids who are over 90 combat with addy :P and a main clan sniping :[]
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