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  1. they went bs a main clan on bs RIP Mercy http://mercy-rs.com/forums/index.php?/topi...y-strikes-hard/ read and weep sunshine
  2. its on every clans site u spaz not just ours lol mercy looks like your attempt on trying to hurt ul "by hacking our ts" back fired on you he host our site and its up and running better than ever :) u dont realize all the info i got from u from doing this
  3. its on every clans site u spaz not just ours
  4. Not going in to great detail, cbf. Marty, I am sorry for "hacking" your ts, however this won't stop a rivalry between us and UL, we will still do anything in our power to drive that clan into the ground. However, I do apologize for our actions towards YOUR ts, not Unlimited's. Allen can write what he wants but this is all I'm doing. EDIT: **** Okay since ur not happy... Marty, I sincerely apologize for my clan's actions against YOUR teamspeak. I apologize for my clan acquiring Admin of the Sever then proceeding to delete all channels and banning clients that were to slow to disconnect. I can assure you that it will not happen again as long as YOU are in charge of their ts. All of this is directed to MARTY, not UNLIMITED Cruelty is next
  5. Jr Jags ;) Some guy that was with foe recruited me to eop pretty much
  6. 3 differant ts servers on 1 sat pk trip dat ddos. Over 9000 different English teachers, none of them got through to you. That spelling.
  7. considering u ddosed more than 10 people
  8. All of our callers got ddosed, like actually all of them except will
  9. so much ddosing, can't even call it a prep when 10+ people get ddosed
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