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  1. Imperial is a new low level pure clan (LPC) founded in January 2015. Our goal is to become the #1 LPC in both matched fights and wilderness. Led by a stable leadership and having a strong member core already, Imperial looks like a promising clan. Anyone is welcomed to join or hang around our community so don't be afraid to stop by Clan Information Website: http://imperial-rs.com/forums/ Teamspeak: Imperial.ts3dns.com IRC Channel: #Imperial Clan Chat: Imperial_Rs
  2. thanks for support, 2-0 record right now
  3. #Clarity Leaders Syracuse Elmo 3at 0wl
  4. Currently in proccess is a new f2p team, lead by me and 3at. It would be i think if we got someone who was really really dedicated to this team, and is good at f2p minis/preps im talking good experience. I would love a rank who is experienced and if anyone is down to be committed to a awesome f2p pwnage team please come into #Clarity or /query Syracuse on IRC. Notice the irc isnt all the active yet because all the people in there are people who have joined. We're working on getting our core members a good 10 ppl, site is being worked on, gfx is needed.
  5. Team Delirious We Are A Team That Has Opened On The Date Of 3/6/12. We Do Minis For Fun And Even Get Preps, And Hey, Were a NH Pking Team. Not To Mention That There Are Still Ranks Open. Come Along In This Delirious Journey, You Dont Want To Miss It. #Delirious
  6. will check out havoc then eop site
  7. just to look around, i will probably remain clanless but just to check, too many people have talked **** about me and now you see im not the reason clans close. and i attempt to make clans because i enjoy leading them, but as you can see, theres ALWAYS a problem. "The reason being is Our forums getting hacked aswell losing TS & losing 10-15 members because of immature people. & Kyle is having alot of IRL problems , Duval is going Inactive for awhile , Blue is No where to be found. The only Staff we have to make sure this clan is well enough Cassidy and Syracuse." STATS: 75 Attack 99 Strength 93 Range 99 Mage 90 Hp 52 Pray 20 Defence 90 Combat
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