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  1. And you want to know why PW is slumping, it's people that act like this and say stuff like this. Welcome Back Hi.
  2. Good luck. Nice to see you guys back.
  3. Good luck. Nice to see you guys back.
  4. Sup Chris it's been a while I forget what clan we were in together but welcome back.
  5. I agree with the statement saying without f2p worlds the game will die. Even though Mod Mark said yes to idea in the q&a we need some to make a good topic in old school feedback forum on rs forums and we all need to support it to get it done.
  6. Not sure if you're the same BvG I know just kidding good luck with X. Thanks for the support everyone.
  7. -Brad-

    2007? da fuq

    Yes everyone is starting at level 3.
  8. From what I have figured out yes there will be f2p worlds but you've to pay to play up until the 750k votes if we get that then you don't have to pay to play the server anymore. They say this is the complete 2007 database, so I couldn't see them leaving out f2p worlds out. I could be wrong but I hope I'm not wrong.
  9. Very interesting. Might have to check it out.
  10. It's a possibility, but it won't happen for awhile guys. They are just saying that is the way you'll get people a way from BS and on your server. I will say in reality you could you have f2p trips because it will take a long time to get high stats and good items with the .5 xp rate.
  11. Ok so cp complained about having biased ranks that played runescape now they're complaining about people that don't play? I have figured out over the last week or so that cp's members lives suck and biggest brunch of attention seeking whores. Now you bring runescape accomplishments into the argument because you know that you made a stupid post and can't think of anything else to say. Btw I thought cp was leaving pw or did you change your minds because you realized no one gives a **** and you'll forgotten 5 mins later.
  12. You'll be waiting awhile m8 It will be out by like New Years.
  13. Did you just really go look up a video from like February? Just give up...
  14. Someone is mad.. Current Clan: #Ascent Current Clan: Corrupt Pures, The kids that try to look cool on pw by saying they killed clans which is false.
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