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  1. Hello, I'm going to be hosting an event this weekend for the combat beta. The event is going to Pk run-ins. Unfortunately we can't have mini-wars at clan wars because it still isn't available in the beta, so this is the next best thing. It will most likely be held in the dangerous free for all portal at clan wars. We will have 2 teams set up; one will defend and one will attack, or we can just run around looking for each other to replicate an actual run in. The reason I want an event like this is because I want to have some team fights that will simulate actual team combat in the wilderness when the EoC goes live. I am pretty good at 1v1 and tribriding, so I want to start learning team combat as well now. I want to figure out what team compositions work and which ones don't. What abilities should be used and which ones shouldn't as well. Since I am simulating actual wilderness combat, I am setting a cap on risk. The cap will be 10m risk because I do not want people to bring maxed gear as that is not practical. At the same time though, i believe that is enough risk to test out decent items. Although in the wilderness people will mostly risk 200k-1m, this will allow us to test more things. I am looking for 20-30 people total, so the teams can be split between 10-15 people. Anyone is welcome, as long as you meet the requirements that i state. There are no combat level requirements or stat requirements. Requirements: 1) Moderately Experienced with the EoC and familiar with all the abilities of at least one style of offensive combat and all the defensive abilities. Sorry, no novices allowed because teaching people how to use abilities and what they do will just slow us down. 2) Download Teamspeak. We will be using voice communication for each team. You do not need to have a microphone, which i highly recommend, but you do need to listen. 3) Be Chill, Relaxed and have fun. We're here for testing and to learn something as well. Absolutely no raging will be tolerated or flaming. Trash talking is fine, for fun, nothing serious. I'll add in more requirements if I think of more. This event will be held on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 17:00 PST (-8 GMT). If you're interested, respond to this thread. I will not be posting the Teamspeak information publicly, so we will have to talk first and get to know you a bit before I give it to you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Myself and a few friends are going to be making a Pk team when the EoC goes live so this will be the first of our practice sessions to start getting used to things. If you're interested in joining a team, this will be a great chance for you. You have to be 140-155 combat and I also have to feel you are qualified. No stat requirements as I feel it's not what your stats are, but how you use them in this new system. I will update this thread as necessary, so make sure to check in on it every day if you want to come. Update 1: I have updated requirement 1 as I just realize very very few people actually tribrid and most people stick to one style of combat.
  2. I hear people who get ddosed say rofl right when they die.
  3. Hello, this is my 7th video. After leveling so much and pking so much i have gotten a little tired of playing so much Runescape, so it will be a while before i make another video, so i hope you really enjoy this one smile.gif. Songs: Seal Slayer by Deadlock Pure by Mors Principium Est Stats during the video: Combat 90+12 or 102 78 attack 5 defence 99 strength 99 ranged 99 magic 99 hitpoints 52 prayer 99 summoning Pk video 7: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrbcMXZRvUo http://www.filefront.com/14846487/pkvid7.mp4/ If you enjoyed this video, you might also enjoy Pk Video 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9t3gar4cpE http://www.filefront.com/14626291/pkvideo6.mp4/
  4. Notorious Pkers Has Released Its 4th Pk Video ♫ Music ♫ Muse - Bliss Thousand Foot Krutch- Scream Killswitch Engage- The Arms of Sorrow Edited By Bloodystr/ApeJr VID LINK: Make Sure To Subscribe To Np Tube. Www.Youtube.com/TeamNotoriousPk Got A 95 Stat With 82 Mage? Join Notorious Pkers At www.NotoriousPkers.com Irc: #Team-Np
  5. Edited for surprise, for the future topic.
  6. Whenever someone specs at full hp that means they're going to spec and run, which if you see he did. So that is why i prayed.
  7. edit: Some douchebags flagged my vid, so it isn't working right now, anyone have any solutions? pm me on irc please, Brutal|Jimbo Hello, i haven't made a pk video in a really long time because i quit runescape for a really long time. I came back a couple of months ago and decided to max out and work on a new video, so here you go :). Songs: Sweet Cyanide by Callenish Circle The Mirrors Truth by In Flames Cursed by Belief by Skyfire Stats during the video: Combat 89+12 or 101 75 attack 5 defence 99 strength 99 ranged 99 magic 99 hitpoints 52 prayer 99 summoning Filefront link: http://www.filefront.com/14626291/pkvideo6.mp4/ STREAMING NOW Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9t3gar4cpE
  8. I have posted on their forums the best possible evidence that one of their Veteran Members No honoring and they act as if it never happened. Should Fatality even be considered honor anymore? I made a thread on their forums if you want to join the discussion, ill post a copy of it here. http://rs-fi.com/index.php?showtopic=19003&st=0 Discuss, and no i am not wasting my time on this. This is hilariously fun for me :thumbsup: .
  9. Notorious Pkers Proudly Presents Pk Video 3 This video contains solo fights of Team NP members To keep watching more of our videos subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamNotoriousPK Pk Video 2 You can contact us by joining our IRC Chat #team_np, registering on our Forums, or sending us a private message on youtube.
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