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  1. i get the dragon since your founder lead purple dragonz back in the day, nice
  2. bad mods, battlescape, trolls goodbye
  3. in all honesty idk how you got people to join your clan on rs but further yet, get them to follow you to battlescape, dont get how clans with mediocre leadership continue to pull over 10 to events even if they are on battlescape non the less, gj i suppose
  4. this scott guy changes his sig every other week to pull a flame from cp members, cant get over the fact that after he got promoted to leader, 1 month later, 1 MONTH, NME closed, clearly shows why you couldnt be one of the big boys in Epidemic and why you were never a significant rank in NME xD
  5. is this where the malice kids gang up on big bad toxine rofl keep in mind your biggest accomplishment was losing to Ef in a full out so attempting to bait CP is laughable XD
  6. Im talking about prior to this eoc update retard, read the topic first, then read it again yeh, then some more until you can comprehend what im saying.
  7. being a rank in a clan, you can atleast set some goals and have something to do you are the topic cleaner upper for the past 2 years yet you dont even clan. The idea of you exerting whatever power you think you have over others is probably the only reason you still do this because youve never brought anything into clans besides being known as that one guy who puts all of his effort into typing properly every post you make, its something along the lines of "the pure community is dead" yet youre still posting on these forums l0l but according to you "you dont care". As for experience your first clan was an lpc called infection and after that i think you started clan hopping right? dont ever remember being in the same clan as you rip
  8. seeing as how we have kids who got free promos with little to no experience in the pure community, such as azrael, its hard to voice our opinion due to them handing out warnings and bans to please themselves because they have nothing better to do in life other then to mod runescape forums ( and to whine about modding them ) ( not talking about `pure, inu, derrick, coz ) btw im curious as to why azrael still has his rank seeing as how hes a duplicate copy of that furious guy, just more dumb lol
  9. holy **** 17 pull yet youre ragging on our '27' pull when we had like 35 which was a 3-4 day prep. loling at the idea of how desperate you are to get back at CP even though we had the last laugh :P
  10. Eop are and have been dead for the past year ever since FI slumped you guys into the ground. the pulls pretty much speak for themselves seeing as how your biggest fight today you had 15 actual eop and 6 invites xD close now seeing as how goop abandons ship when Eop needs him the most XD ( trend for eop ranks )
  11. Looks like zenith got slapped down, same **** happened on RS when they came across us, gj Outrage/NPO group
  12. all of your posts are the same, signalling a so called change for Foe and a new focus coming from you. then a week later you retire . rofl
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