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  1. -Jonah-


    Probably one of our worst members. Biggest one bang by far.
  2. Some Fellow Pirates & Myself experencied the Combat BETA Update Today, first hand. Some things were pretty sweet, while others were complete ****. If you have not signed up for the BETA Experience & are wondering what you're missing, you should know the following: - The Kiln Cape is Updated Graphically (It Looks Amazing) - You Need [96] Herblore to Sip an Overload - Bridding is destroyed, There is a Delayed Time between Switching - RFD Gloves can only be worn from the specific defence level. (Ex: Barrows = 70 Def) - Most Magic Spells require HIGH Defence levels. - Staffs, Crossbows, and other certain items are now double handed, no more shields, defenders, or books - The "Curses" Prayer Book has been totally re-worked - Your HP Will literally increase according to the armor your wearing, going up to a MAX of 10,000 Life Points - Selecting Magic Spells is totally different, you CANNOT just click the Spell Book & Select a spell anymore (GF Auto Clicking) - You can "Double Wield" Weapons Now, (Ex: You Can Wield 2 Pairs of Claws, 2 Rapiers, Etc.) - They have added custom Items/Armor, such as a Bandos Kite, Dragon Crossbow, & A lot lot more - Your stance is completely reworked, no more dragging. - You cannot freeze anymore, Barrage & Bind-related spells will only hold the player for a second or so. - The New MAX Combat Level is 200 These are the basic things you have missed in the Combat BETA. If you have ANYTHING else to add, please post it on this topic.
  3. I LOVE F2P Mini'ing & PK'ing. I Know they're slim, but I'm looking for an F2P team that is pretty decent on activity. Official or Non-Official. Please Post IRC Chans, Website Links, or Forum Threads if you know of any! Thanks! :) P.S. - I'm NOT DUTCH.
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