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  1. drama online lol sorry im not a nerd thats for eop and fatality to have together with pictures of addy plates falling down Not prepping you anymore because of your flame. :(
  2. ^^ this, all of fatality was flaming havoc non-stop. No Havoc member flamed anyone, but there were numerous baits and flames towards Havoc constantly, even after we warned fi's leadership about this, they still couldn't keep their members under control. You should change it to thanks Havoc for not flaming, because it wasn't a flame free fight, and you guys won't be getting another prep from us for that reason. We had preps vs EOP that were more respectful than this. Sihk butt buddy of Havoc ddosed ours TS and 3 of our members offline. Maybe if he at least left the TS online we could've stopped some of the flaming. Oh well what can you do?
  3. We made 1 person Minty who had chins for 99 a month and wasn't training. Incentive could be more effective for some people. Not impressive? Yet you don't have it. ;)
  4. Nice bros. Looking forward to prepping you sometime before 2013.
  5. Wilderness events mid-week vs clans are always fun. Bare in mind Eop would do a lot better if they just returned on their pures and not their mains. K/d reflects this. :thumbsup: None the less nice job Zenith.
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