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  1. Sorry if u dont enjoy this content due to it being battlescape. But i used 2 play rs and now its **** so idk what to say....
  2. Npo 1.Beat Foe+Ir Ina Fullout Wit Fi 2.One of the longest lasting P2P Only Clans 3.Pull consecutive 50's-60's for like 6 months 4. Beat Eop like 5 preps ina row 5.Beat zenith like 4 preps ina row 6. NEVER LOST A FULLOUT "Winks" 7.Wasnt really hated "besides zenith" 8.Members went 2 Cp's F2p Trips cause i liked chain :]
  3. Dont flame u havent been ina clan longer than 4 months, daily bs ownage vids huh Some1s a fan :whistling: :whistling:
  4. Didn't want it for Zenith's site and I figured it out. Was reformatting Trilogy's site for them. Gotta wait for Aidan and Marty regardless ^
  5. Dont flame u havent been ina clan longer than 4 months,
  6. Was really fun i dont regret joining thanks for the really fun memories
  7. Ur lucky we didnt sit u :P *Sarcasm*Yeah like i would ever show up to all on prep in 1 def robes and a staff of light *Sarcasm* Like i totally would goto a prep with zenith vs my own clan idiot. Be honest and real with yourself. Dipsy was there on u acc with Z L
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