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  1. Nvm it's SP Gangster (Sl33py Pures)
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go-ceHVPTM0 With the best song out there
  3. Waw im a downy thats why i have driver linces, you have downsyndroom mister serious *_* go tell ur mom
  4. This is why im in #TLP & PLlay battlescape doe u feel me ?
  5. Atlast BS is beter then wannabe world of gaycraft no offense yesterday BS hitted 1,5k people online
  6. .: The End Of The Ride :. Evolution Of Combat Destroyed in majority everything,sometimes im thinking RS evolved in another kind of crap World Of Gaycraft, it isnt like the tradetionaly way of pking i dont see any hybrids anymore in edge what i used to see at west edge and east dragons, everyone is in single combat way, well but yeah, i will thank alot of people who supported me always, i created in this 10 Year a great band with somepeople who i met, and seen people go away during this 10 year, but seriously i will miss it this has been a part of my life, did alot of things to be the best, i'm proud what ive been accoplisched by leading APZ, SKO, SP, Purefect. ive also met alot of inspired people as: P0ke N Die2, Josh (I Cranked I), Loki, Pepsis, Sikh. you guys were great. Accomplishment: Leader Of #1 F2P LPC PureFect To all my friends i will be missing you ;(, il move to battlescape i got 2 accounts, BSN: Trilogy (CLW account) Havoc (NH Account) you can contact me on battlescape or just pm me on irc /query Dalmore, for thoses who centinue goodluck w/e your doing keep going on a accomplish your goal R.I.P RS 2012 Rest of the people, If you wasnt here how would i enjoy the pk, if you wasnt here how could i fight you, if you wasnt here who will be my enemies, if you wasnt here there was no competion. if you wasnt here who would support me, if you wasnt here how would i support you, if you wasnt here how would i get loot?, if you wasnt here in runescape there was no runescape. Dont forget one thing you guys made runescape unique how it's.
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