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  1. Today we went out peaking at around ~70 Proud The Last Pures members. The trip started off with a Fight with foe at Gdz where we started dropping piles left and right and focusing on their clumps, after a while of throwing foe around with our dragon daggers, and ice blitz's which frik'd them up pretty good, Annihilation came up from our rear to try to butt **** us. While Annihilation came up from our rear, Tiffer decided to call a push through foe and to take off our capes because AI+foe were teaming on the all mighty wolf pack. We were playing with foe like rag doll and killing AI at the same time, when we frik'd up foe they dipped so we were left with the clan that took our capes, we started to take control over the fight till Ma decided to try to crash the wolves, they didn't succeed in doing so they dipped, right after Ma rushed TP thought they were the big boys once again but TLP just destroyed again. Whats new? after that we decided to bank our loots thanks for the fights. Our second fight of the day was a Cluster east of graveyard we had our dragon daggers set on TP, we frik'd up all of Tesko K's youtubers. While we were killing the rest of TP, AI rushed us from the west and we started to fight back with our inv's of loot we cleared AI up then MA tried to kill us at pond, we killed some and ran to 26'rd hill. After hearing pibb cry on ts we decided to go kill foe at sperm. Most of them ran away so we ran through gap and after kill most MA and T, Pibb made a amazing call on ts to go east to single and walk down. AI decided to come to hillz and kill us so they sandwiched us and murdered us. Our final and third fight of the night for TLP was vs Annihilation at Dwarves, we started off by controlling them at dwarves and pretty much the whole fight, we were chasing them around dwarves then to gap, then to Gdz then all around Gdz. After a while of destroying them we called a little return killer group and we smited out a AGS in the Gdz hut. We started to clear up AI (they had about 5 people we had 30) then TP deiced to try to crash our fight and claim a win like they always do. Thanks for our little fight. Pictures in no specific order And Remember AI ;b gj tlp
  2. Forums | Memberlist | Tlp Events History | About Tlp 18,11,2012; The Last Pures massed up peaking at around -38- members for our last RS2 P2P trip., thanks for the fun, respectful fights, looking forward to more. TLP VS HAVOC TLP The first fight was vs HAVOC, they were defending at gap so we rushed them from gdz and they quickly ran south of gap and got a spread to fight us, we got a couple kills here and there we hit the clumps and what not, then Havoc pushed through gap and we killed a couple kids that were in us, they fight was going back and fourth, then we ran west to vents, we heard a main clan was coming from gdz, Havoc dipped so we ran up to gdz to clear the mains up then we ran off to bank our loot, Thanks for the first fight Havoc. TLP VS HAVOC After banking out loot we got another pkri vs HAVOC again, This fight was by far the longest fight of the day for us, It was about an hour long PKRI we started off rushing Havoc at gap again from gdz they rushed south of gap again and then they rushed through gap and got on top of us, we killed a couple of them then ran to gdz to get our returners with us. This fight was going back and fourth the whole fight with TLP being on top then out of no where Havoc on top, The fight was pretty much just running around gdz, Then we heard that eop was coming to crash so we got off Havocand started to sink the ship and we made eop run away, After destroying the ship we ran back to gdz to kill some more Havoc, after fight for a bit we heard CP was coming to crash so Havoc dipped and we were left to kill CP, when we were low food and most of the cp gone we just picked up our loot and left. TLP VS HAVOC For our third and final fight we foughtHAVOC again and this took place once again at GDZ after a while of going back and fourth we were pulling out with the win then out of no where MM decided to crash and ruin the fight, Thanks for the amazing fights Havoc was really fun for the last p2p trip of rs2, Glad it went well for us.
  3. Forums | Memberlist | Tlp Events History | About Tlp 3,11,2012; The Last Pures massed up 15 amazing and skilled members for our P2P PKRI with the all mighty Havoc clan. Thanks for the loot/fun, respectful fights, looking forward to more fights before the unwanted eoc comes out. The Last Pures vs Havoc Well the fight started off at dwarves then the all mighty Tiffer comes out of corp with his 1 man army and bangs out one kid then two kids then three!! than he made the call to clear up the people at piper then move to gap, where we getting out numbered and Tiffer making his amazing calls and brings the clan up to even numbers then onward he said and he took the clan by the reins and called his heart out and he got his clan back on top clearing havoc left and right, then out of no where eop comes and tries to crash, but tlp turns around and KOS all of eop and takes their loot away and runs off and banks their loots. Thanks for the fight was really fun.
  4. i think walli should take his own advice and tell his members to get 40 def so they can tank tlp.
  5. <19:19:57> "Tiffer": but to be frank the video shows it, maybe you and your boys need to step up to 40 def to avoid being 1 banged rather than making up bad excuses for getting a royal beat down. <19:20:00> "Tiffer": walli said that on pw <19:20:02> "Tiffer": but <19:20:04> "Tiffer": last prep <19:20:08> "Tiffer": i saw a lot of foe 1bangs :teehee:
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