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  1. To all those saying Runescape is dead, its not. It needed this update otherwise it would of died out. Stop being so naive and get out of that lazy/botting mindset and try things out and enjoy :wink: Maxed 35 Def account, yes i will stay this way. Enjoy the video, showcases most of my time in FOE, we are staying open also. Enjoy!
  2. thx mm for the fight despite how much i have wanted to plant my dds in ur heads i would like to say thanks
  3. sht 2 topics rofl, we both posted at same time! owell YOLO
  4. Site | Applications | Foetube Topic By: Animal Sunday night, the last sunday P2P trip in runescape as we know before EOC. Who knows what the EOC holds? But i tell you one thing the FoeAMILY is not going anywhere, no ****** update is going to close us, beat us down, ruin us. So today FOE massed up for an hour, calling all of our retired/ally/ex foe to attend for their own benefit because it was the last P2P trip as we know it before EOC, so we encouraged everybody to be a part of history. Massing for an hour we had a lovely speach from Ready Ok FOE, thank you for that. We were in the zone, ready to stomp anything that came our way. Peaking at 95 People in our FC we set off into what was going to be a cluster of continuous clan fights with only the strongest clan left standing. We made our way to mossies to find MM there, hitting us in single for a bit they decided to run north so we followed them continuously hammering them, our returners were asked to return via GDZ where we switched the position of the fight to a more comfortable surrounding, we fought MM off west until the big cluster **** erupted. Numerous clans such as FI, MM, EOP, Zenith we're apart of this cluster, some not for long such as EOP who wouldnt dare to come near the legends fighting with their 40 man pull and zenith quickly getting run down after attempting to join in. The main cluster was between FOE,MM and FI. Battling out for a good hour after the trip had started we were digging deep into our return sets aswell as the other clans as some of them were resorting to using monk robes and 1 items!!!!! After an hour Fatality couldnt keep up with the pace that FOE and MM were setting so they decided to leg it leaving FOE, MM and MM mains (Inf etc) to battle it out. Knowing this would be the last trip before EOC and Runescape will completely changed we just went for it not caring about a ******* thing. We clumped up in GDZ hut numerous times with greater runic staffs watching the MM cowards on the outside before they dared to rush in instantly dying. After fighting for another 30 minutes, we decided to call it an end to a great last trip before the EOC, i can tell you what 8 years of RS2 has been great and it will never been forgotten, despite the confliction between all of the other clans without you these 8 years would not of been possible. Sad to see clans close but this is a new chapter in the pure clanning revolution, believe me its not over. Thank you. VIDS (COMING SOON) PICTURES: Once again thank you to all the other pure clans who have made everybodys clanning experience great, lets keep the flame off unless your gonna come @ FOE after the EOC ;). Peace to all those who are quitting, come on once in a while eh! FoeAMILY Want to join the Best Pure Clan in RS? http://www.foe-rs.com/ Apply Now!
  5. mahatma should know better to run away from the clump! kings of f2p u say? MAHATMA DOWN I REPEAT MAHATMA DOWN #animal or d3d
  6. beat mm in a fullout den u #1 until then SHUT YA MOUTH
  7. pathetic for people to hit off our ts. 1v1 me irl kunts thx for prep.
  8. we logged everytime u hit us but good pull despite half of them being invites "He's my irl friend" i saw in one of the vids, BUT YOLO
  9. came in 3rd round bashin kids with my scim, we win i make a difference!
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