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  1. Our duties as the #1 recruiters in runescape can not be left in the dark. The hard work of the clan will live on in battlescape, gaining over 60 recruits with 50 old pop members in a few days. Maxing out before closing in old RS with 371 members. Now that goal is will be in pursuit and look for the 1k mark with a 1 year dead line anything is possible lol
  2. Since the re-uniting of the old members this past months we have arrived on battlescape with 65-70ish average pulls these last few days. Are strong member base and even stronger leadership team has recruited and gained mass numbers quickly with groups of soliders recruiting from every corner. The Plague has just started
  3. eop should improve there members instead of worrying about ddosing
  4. nothing new, thanks for the fight tlp. perhaps eop could take lessons from your apps
  5. mm just stop complaining at least 60-70% of the fight we were told to return with monk robes for extra run
  6. not a retarded post by you.....quite amazed. Fun fights, many different aspects of the fight was you controlling then us controlling. MM was ready for 24 hours. ive been in main clans with wars over 24hr , ive had over 4 yrs main clanning and 1 year pure clanning, but i respect what people do. remember i was a leader in a pop but everyone made hostile remarks towards us, so we reply'ed with the additude who gives a ****. now its the fact were we just have fun and not worry about idiots in pop we all got flame but no1 cared and decided best thing todo is make fun of everyone. respect is giving when it is shown. that is the main rule towards this wack game, and crisis lacks that
  7. mm this was the best fight by far in 2012, are we able todo this again next weekend cause i bet for both sides we all had fun and want to show who is #1 and #2 in the pure world. Thank you again MM to show why your a top dawg in the clan world and also thanks to EOP who ddos and log
  8. was really easy, couuld of been bit more epic
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