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  1. Obviously the best event to highlight the pure community after so many long years <3 Thanks King Love you :) no ****.
  2. Sithlord #1 actually na #2 I'm still #1.
  3. It'll last a few weeks then Hittin will start hacking Hi members.
  4. we were already pulling 35-40 and we peaked at 48 or something ? gets thats HI's maths for you. Your merge with SV brought HI back <-- facts not fiction mate.
  5. Orhun


    loooool cookiezs just shut these kids up dude seriously ..
  6. haha ye :D Atleast he enjoys what he does :/ lool
  7. and ye sucks about swag .. :/
  8. 2012 and people talking about 12 man pulls EVEN IF ITS A WEEKDAY KIND OF SUCKS ... good job on your trip though dude :) looked immensely fun owned that **** :D
  9. hahahahahahhaha lol sithlord and obviously not looooooooooooooooooooooool <3 Im just saying there are kids in both clans which flame non stop ... how could u think about me saying that to you ... lol There are too many kids who just flame the **** out of eachother so meh ....
  10. Oh ye good job t.. sad to see that every time t and sv make a topic its full of flame but whatever makes you happy ... no wonder this site is so **** ... new kids with no honours ..
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