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  1. Rip guys, had fun times with you .
  2. hey guys we closed cp today and the pure community forced cp to get defence. LOLOLOL
  3. L0L shut up idiot no one cares.
  4. Ouches, OFK and 3at were EF. Didn't know they still played :O nice sig
  5. DID YOUR SPY COME UP WITH THIS IDEA??? O M G DUDE HE'S CLEVER GET EM CHOACH! pound the dead corpse with more.
  6. haha does niggas put food off half the time :P
  7. Good to know cp still cant get over the fact we had a higher kdr then them in both trips
  8. This topic is very late, but idc yolo. Hostility went out on Sunday for our last p2p trip and peaked 21 people. We had arranged fights vs eop and ef/ ran into tlp/havoc a couple of times and hit up the VR/IF war. Hi vs TLP/Havoc We found Havoc vs TLP at gap, went to gdz and killed returners. got a nice 5-10 kills before tlp rushed to gdz. We saw them comming up and ran north to log with all loot :D But I died. Ef approached us for a fight and had around 2-3 fewer options then us. They defended at vents and we rushed from mossies, focusing on the north side first and getting ontop of them. After we got some nice piles we pushed south on them until EF's regroup unit returned from mossies. We pushed to mossies to clear it out and dipped to corp with loot. Thanks for the fun fight EF We decided to fight EOP After this, with them having 20~ people. We rushed into them, north of corp and 1banged justin (babalanka). We killed some guy at mossies in multi for bank as well, (gg Very). We got some nice piles until Eop pushed and got the advantage on us with numbers. We dipped out with out loot before getting hammered :D
  9. was a fun trip, thanks for the clean fights TR & EOP
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