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  1. the people have spoken......... havoc sucks **** l0l
  2. where was fi? making shapes in clws, f2p inners? we've slumped u so hard lol its unreal
  3. i agree with you chubs but prob marty will win since etho and runekas arent 13 yr old prepubscent kids who seek out for attention and like to keep a low profile as well as to themselves alot so not many ppl kno them mm #1 How does marty attention seek? He keeps himself to himself no idea what you're talking about just looking to flame for no reason looks like you're the attention seeker here wasnt even talking about marty retard r0fl
  4. http://www.pure-warfare.com/forums/index.p...wtopic=33567645 :teehee:
  5. still laughing at people naming havoc officials
  6. lol son we dont worry about these 20vs20 against lil guy clans like u, not even worth the effort as the real clans will forget about it after the weekend ull prob pull like 20 this weekend and u dont pk on saturday so these 20vs20s weekday preps r the magnitude of a fullout for u =/ btw did loki give u the mop
  7. only thing hazard has in common with havoc is that we both beat the **** out of MM in clw. was gonna say matched but then realized hazard struggled with that, while we did it unmatched pretty easily so ye. yea, we actually have trips on the weekends and pull over 20 so preps in clws are the least of our concerns especially with eoc right around the corner dw doe, every leadership emphasize diff. things and lead our clans in different directions, mayb thats why mm has never closed, and you've closed 3 :3 Yeah, well you guys pulled 3 more than us, and we smacked you pretty easily lol. It wouldn't be hard for us to pull 3 more just gotta pm 3 of our forum guests like you guys do. You're right, every leadership is different. Since you're sort of new around here, i'll fill you in with a few details. Havoc has closed twice, not three times. Havoc v1 was around in early 2009, a few years after you were born. It was lead by Mack, Pat, And Wade. Havoc v2 was around in mid 2011, it was lead by Loki. 2 completely different leaderships, meaning the reasons for closure was why they closed, not the leadership (lol) I don't think I should even be responding to you though. You guys have problems competing with probably the worst P2P based clan of all time (Hazard), and you pull 1/4 of what you do to weekends, to preps. At least clans like FOE, TLP, Fi, and EOP have consistency. the thing is you don't have a forum base, ur forums are about as dead as eops filled with forum bots, as ive said once, we dont emphasize preps during the week at all unless in our eyes matter, ur clan is irrelevant whether we won or lose to us the outcome is the same whether u've closed 2 or 3 times, i honestly dont care in the end as i said u are irrelevant and had the eoc not be right around the corner u would of probably closed within a year also i cant help but laugh at the fact ud think we would pull 1/4 of a 138 man pull to a prep against you especially when ur known to consider 18vs18, 20vs20s preps consistency is also surprisingly something every clan u mentioned lacks as well, with foe pulling 20 to f2p and 55 to p2p whilst tlp pull 40 to preps and 25 to trips and fi pulling 85 one sunday and 50 the next such a new guy, with so much to learn Basically the first 2 paragraphs are you saying that you don't care and that I'm right. Yeah, I knew that. Once again, you pulled 3 more than us. FOE pulls 40-45 to F2P, and 50-55 in P2P, which is more consistent than 140 to f2p and 100 to p2p. TLP pulls about 30 to everything now, whether it be a f2p trip, or a p2p prep. Fi has pulled 70-80 for the past 3 months. Yeah they hit a rocky spot because their members got bored because no clan would fight them because they smacked the **** out of everybody. Going from 80 to 55 is more consistent than going from 50 to 140. Once again, maybe you should stop focusing on other clans and focus on your own. Work on making your way up the food chain. Start with attempting to beat Hazard, as they seem to be better than you. Maybe one day you lil critters can work your way up and defeat the champs ;) you are telling mm to work their way up the food chain l0l00l0l0l00l0l0l0l son u pk in one server, pull 20 to preps and have closed twice no more needs to be said u lost to 3 1 server clans this week no more needs to be said which we prep'd in their server lmfa0 by far the most idiotic comment out of them all, i could make a collage out of all ur posts tbh
  8. if you're too poor to use rocktails use those they heal a bit less but more than sharks without having the +10 of rocktails ofc tell mah boy pepthith i got him a lil somethin for his computer screen
  9. looked like a fun mini, would like to see the outcome in a prep
  10. i agree with you chubs but prob marty will win since etho and runekas arent 13 yr old prepubscent kids who seek out for attention and like to keep a low profile as well as to themselves alot so not many ppl kno them mm #1
  11. lol at ppl naming havoc, ir, and z's leadership, especially havoc's l0l00l0 1. 13th/korrawi 2. goop/w0w2many
  12. so we come to the conclusion havoc has closed twice, pks in one server, claims #1 matched by beating clans in 19vs19s ok m8s
  13. Cpr no doubt, this havoc has beat tlp foe etc in meaningless 20vs20s once as to where both have beat them well over 15 times each and they had clowns like pethith claiming #1 matched Nah sonnies Cpr #1 r0fl it seems like it was just yday that havoc was losing every prep before closing and loki and pethith requesting to be banned off the site after they finally closed an already dead clan aha
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