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  1. eradicate did the same to us gj on ur fight vs hi, looks like you guys did work
  2. oops sorry little fellows almost stepped on you down there ^_^ better watch my step lols..
  3. to enjoy "Free to play" warring Most people that play don't know what "free to play" warring is In the context of these forums i'm fairly sure everyone knows what it is. And the vast majority of the RS community knows about F2P pking. But generally it will be mainly the clanning (main & pure) community carrying the burden of voting for this. inb4 the p2p based clans try **** the rest of us up by voting no, lol. awwww lol poor little critter doesn't know what to do without his f2p xP
  4. you're incredibly confused man, I'd like to see f2p servers come back personally. But I feel that the f2p clans will be competing in p2p, simply because f2p clans like EoP and CP have been around long enough to know what to do in both servers, they simply lacked interest since their focus was in the different area but now that there is only one server to focus on, I feel they will be able to compete with the hpc clans. Epidemic's leadership has yet to prove anything since 2009/NME. Nah
  5. I'm glad there's no F2P servers. As for the top clans it's gonna be FOE on top, with MM not too far behind. TLP & Fi will be competing for #3 I think. With no F2P, clans like EOP & CP will be competing with some lower pulling clans like Zenith & IR. Epidemic is sort of a wild card because they have crazy leadership, but they don't really have a clue when it comes to P2P. If some of their P2P members step up they could do well. The more "MPC"s there are the more fun the game will be for everyone, Zenith & IR will be the highest pulling out of those "MPC" clans.
  6. havoc got sat in rs please re - open pepslip so we can smack you some1 put this mutt on his leash
  7. Oh, damn. You guys have some great ranks, and Prateek is by far the best F2P caller I've ever heard. If 07scape happens to have F2P servers in the future, then I expect good things out of you guys. Good luck.
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