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Real Life Name: Kasey :)

RuneScape Name: L o l Gf M8

Current Clan: Epidemic yoo


Interests: My interests are hanging out with my mates, going to town and buying stoof like cloths. Usually out most weekends with mates doing random stuff L. I used to like playing runescape, but im never really on it anymore i just find it boring and a waste of time :/ so i usually only come on for Epidemic and stuff, I dont mind posting and talking in IRC every now and then but i can't stand playing the actual game :L. Another of my interests is playing Ps3 :L love to play Cod5 Waw, so fun im 10th prestiege = win :) But yer anyway i just usually do random **** half the time :L.


Current Goals: Urm no Rs goals cuz i dont play :L. Get Cod MW2 And own some n00bs.

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