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Mazarini and Paradox: Play With Soul


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With movies such as 'Carerra Rapida', 'Beyond', and the 'Cereal Killer' series under his name, Nikolai 'Mazarini' Lazarev returns once again to release his most recent Call of Duty 4 fragmovie titled 'Mazarini and Paradox: Play With Soul'. With frags that will defy gravity and shatter your mind, you will not be disappointed by this behemoth of a fragmovie. Spanning over a gargantuan 13 minutes 37 seconds, Mazarini has put almost a year and a half's worth of work into this animated piece of art. With an unmatched dedication towards moviemaking, he has started over from scratch multiple times, striving for perfection within this movie. As the time slowly passed, the initial release date approached -- the one year anniversary of the movie's original democall, but with rendering issues hindering his PC left and right, the release date was once again pushed back to a later date. Now, with rendering complete, every frag in the movie leaving you on the edge of your seat, and every aspect of editing imaginable perfected, Mazadox is now FINALLY complete.




As the movie starts, you are immediately encapsuled in an intense storyline, never-ending action, unique heart-racing music, and hilarious humor. Personally, I do believe this is exactly what we've been missing in the latest CoD4 movies, and Mazarini hit the spot. These are the three things gamers look for in a perfect movie, and Mazadox has all three of these. What has been seen can't be unseen, as they say. The engagement between the viewer and the movie is unmatched in arguably any frag movie that's been of popularity as of late. With a variety of competitive shoutcasting, frag positions that are unorthodox in nature in anyone's eyes, a perfect soundtrack to keep the listener's ears tingling throughout every second of the movie, and a keen balance of both editing a gameplay, this is guarenteed to keep you on the edge of your seat (that is, if you don't fall off).


Statement by Nikolai 'Mazarini' Lazarev:


"Well guys, THIS IS IT! It start almost a year and a half ago when I finally got enough material and footage together with my ex-teammate paradox. I realize that I promised a lot of you about release dates, but it always got interrupted somewhere with something that I found to be perfected even more, like soundtrack, editing, or effects. I've also redone all the 3D work in this movie so it is PERFECT and nothing less!


While I was working on Mazadox, I did some more side projects, and this issue delayed the movie as well and I had some motivation issues when I took hiatuses and didn't work on it at all for 2 months or so. It took a lot of time to learn 3Dmax and also to motivate myself to learn more advanced Adobe After Effects work, and that's why it took longer than a year. Basically this movie is like a lab rat, testing new effects and just trying to see what my audience likes to see. I want to perfect what I already know before moving on with my moviemaking. Anyways, I literally tricked out every second of this movie, and I wanted to do something that strayed far from my usual "epileptic" style, destroying as many instances of it as I could, so I removed the things not necessary that tons of frag movies today contain. I wanted to preserve original graphics, and make it look great, so players can thoroughly enjoy the frags, and also a few spurts here and there of effects to please moviemakers alike as well. And most importantly, I wanted this to be a serious AND humorous movie, so I implemented both a sort of story as well as some humor.


Basically the initial intention was to do a 14-minute fragmovie about me and paradox with a good story (about 12 songs, different styles, so the audience would be widespread and entertained), and I spent a ton of time mixing and researching different genres of music to fit, as well as a respectable amount of time putting a few Easter eggs in the movie for you guys to look out for. I hope that you guys really do appreciate my hard work and dedication, and really enjoy this for what it is


I want to thank everyone that supported me, helped me, and motivated me to do this movie. I hope this is what you all expected, and I recommend downloading the full version for the complete experience, so you can clearly see every effect close-up without any quality distortion. If you're up for a challenge (who will find Homer Simpson in the background. Among the other easter Eggs. DUH! =D)


Thank you again to everyone that helped, and I really do hope that this pleases viewers!"




With that said, we stare in awe at the amount of hours put into this fragmovie. This is what Mazarini does -- he brings new aspects of movie editing to the table each time he releases something new. Can anyone keep up? You can answer that one yourself! As we head toward the end of 2010, Mazarini hopes that this movie makes a good impact on the Call of Duty and PC gaming scene in general, showing gamers and community members what is possible with hard work and effort. The editing is amazing, the wait was well worth it, and the outcome was uncomparable. Although I say this now, we all know how creative and unique Mazarini is with his work... does this mean that his next movie will be even better? We'll find out as time passes, and moviemakers new and old alike emerge from the ever-growing eSports and gaming community, pushing forward and growing larger every day. Well done Mazarini, a job well done indeed!












AMAZING EDITTING(over a year and a half spent on it) Amazing frags from Mazarini and Paradox(former) from team eSuba. All lan/online turny footage agianst world class players(no pubs.) Please enjoy the 3D animation as it hasnt been matched by any other gaming movie.


ENJOY!!!!!!! I suggest watching in 720p for e-gasm.

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Sick montage, subbed to him like half a year ago cuz of his amazing editing, and it was worth it..


But also have you guys seen the Matrix Reloaded.. Because you have to see the c4 shot grizz pulls of-.-



Quit RS February 2010, join the club? Sold Pker D o M Btw, if anyone cares.
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Sick montage, subbed to him like half a year ago cuz of his amazing editing, and it was worth it..


But also have you guys seen the Matrix Reloaded.. Because you have to see the c4 shot grizz pulls of-.-

lol mw2 lol grizz lol console.


How dare you tant my thread with your fanboy ********.

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