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Wass poping?


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Wass poping people. Well I remember using Pure Community but somehow I got linked here. Seems like a pretty nice pure forum. I love to play football and do track. Not much personal info about me besides I played RS since 06. Took long break, now I'm back. I'm interested in many clans don't know which one to choose. I'm looking around so I can explore more :laugh:

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Ah, sup, hope you enjoy the new forum's and welcome back to rs ;)

I got ice in my vein's, blood in my eye's, hate in my heart, love on my mind.
I've lived with my brother's and now i've died with them, Adversity for life Mafaka's.
New project.
[Attack:40/40 | Strength:61/80 | Range:40/60 | Magic:36/60 | Prayer:1/1]
[460/1,000 total]

100% F2P trained
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