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  1. Any moron can click their spec bar and eat food, 2013 "pures" don't have any different characterists to "2006" pures, lets not all pretend because we've been doing this longer these newer people don't have "our mindset", what is our mindset exactly? That we're better than them? lol.
  2. the feck? is that people having fun... ...on runescape?
  3. Nice to see the old guard back Best of luck
  4. Hugh

    New Skin!

    Preferred the simplicity of the old skin. Gonna take some getting used to I spose.
  5. Hugh


    Don't thing I've logged in or at least a year, so I`m probably due a reintroduction. I`m Hugh for those that don't know me. 20 years old, in and out of higher education, big sports fan and all round beast really. Fancied giving the 07 servers a shot so you'll be delighted to hear that you've got the pleasure of my company again. Hope everyones well, looking forward to catching up with you all over the next couple of weeks.
  6. Always annoys me looking at all the transfer rumours, there usually all bull. Only ones I`m pretty sure will happen is Kagawa to united and Hazard to either of the Manchester clubs. Would like to see both Van de Wiel and Hulk to come to Chelsea though
  7. Hope the Easter bunny was kind to you all Have a great day ;)
  8. The first ones quality Could do with tidying up the part where the pixels merge into the sphere Nice skills though
  9. Hugh


    Your gay I`m a dark elf or some other some sort of queer mythical being idk ... yeh, I got bored.
  10. In general, we don't care for zerk/tank clans, and visa versa. Two completely different and opinionated communities would clash.
  11. Damn you are seriously sexually attractive to my nether-regions
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