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The Jagex Anti-Hijack System


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10th July 2009 - The Jagex Anti-Hijack System


While Jagex is a clear industry leader in making our games and infrastructure secure, some of our players’ personal computers have proved vulnerable to account hijacking in the form of viruses, key loggers, phishing websites or players simply revealing their Jagex password. Given these challenges, we are determined that your account remains secure at all times, even if your personal computer has been compromised or somebody else knows your password. We think we have found a solution to these problems: the Jagex security key.


This key looks a bit like a USB dongle, which you will be able to put on your key ring or store in a secure location. The key will reveal a six to eight-digit code that changes every few seconds and is completely unique to you. Type this code into a Jagex login page and you will be able to guarantee that you are secure from any hijacking attempt.


For the techies out there, the key is an ‘Enterprise two-factor authentication solution’. We’re really enthusiastic about its potential to stop hijackers and phishing sites in their tracks, but since this will require significant investment and resources, we aren’t going to make any final decisions without talking to you first. We would like you to head over to the poll system, on the left-hand side of the RuneScape front page, and answer two questions: would you be interested in buying one of these security keys, and what is the most you would be willing to pay?


With the Jagex security key, we would be so confident that your account is secure that we could consider adding expanded bank space to those accounts that are protected by the Jagex security key.


NOTES – it would not be compulsory to buy the security key. It would be an optional means for you to keep your account genuinely secure. The Jagex security key would be available to all countries for a single one-off price. The security key would be available to both free players and members.


While we are enthusiastic about the Jagex security key, there are still a number of variables that could determine whether we can roll this out, ranging from technical challenges and, naturally, players' interest in the device.


Please give us your feedback in the Jagex Store Feedback forum.

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