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  1. Yesterday we released our first iteration of the Equipment Rebalance blog. This post talks about our next steps. View the full article
  2. We've been working on an Equipment Rebalancing proposal that we think will benefit the game's long-term health, read the full post for all the information. View the full article
  3. Head back to the magical homeland of implings to check out the new Puro-Puro improvements. View the full article
  4. The Old School team is back with another Quality of Life content poll for you, this time with a focus on improvements to the Collection Log and more! View the full article
  5. The week brings with it God Wars Instancing for Ironmen and Soul Wars improvements. View the full article
  6. We're investigating various reports of item duplication and game world crashing. View the full article
  7. We're making some changes regarding Soul Wars and want your feedback. View the full article
  8. Kick-off 2021 in style with Soul Wars and our 20th Anniversary event! View the full article
  9. We've made an unpolled change to the way Shove special attacks work from weapons like the Dragon and Zamorakian Spears. View the full article
  10. Some of you have noticed that certain in-game behaviours, like the tightrope skip in CoX: CM, have changed since the weekend. This post explains why. View the full article
  11. In this blog we talk about A Kingdom Divided, a new addition to the Kourend quest series, as well as reworking the Arceuus spellbook and Shayzien area. View the full article
  12. This week, it’s Chriiiistmaaaaaas! View the full article
  13. We're back with the very last Gielinor Gazette of 2020 to talk all things Old School! View the full article
  14. To prepare for Old School's Steam launch we want you to help test a new client! View the full article
  15. Earlier this year we presented Tempoross to you, our first iteration of the Fishing Skill Boss. Since then we've made some changes based on your feedback! View the full article
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