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PvP World Changes


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15th July 2009 - PvP World Changes


Players who enter a PvP or Bounty World will now automatically become skulled and unable to use the Protect Item prayer. The skull will not disappear over time or when a player dies, unless they go to a non-PvP world, in which case the skull behaves like normal. Note that this means you will always lose everything you are carrying if you get killed by another player, and that there is no way for you to keep any items on death while in a PvP or Bounty World.


Additionally, on members’ worlds, your victims must now lose at least 75,000 coins’ worth of items (increased from 25,000) for your earning potential to be applied to the drop. On free-to-play worlds, the amount the victim must lose remains at 25,000 coins.


Please note that you will have to be in a safe area before you can next log into a PvP or Bounty World. You will need to log into a non-PvP/Bounty World in order to move to a safe area. This is to ensure nobody logs in risking more than they are aware of. A message will explain this on login if you try to enter these worlds. This only applies to your next PvP/Bounty World login; from then on, you will be able to log in as normal.

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