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Faruq's Tools for Games


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Knowing that many of RuneScape's adventurers sometimes like to kick back and enjoy time with their friends and clan-mates, Al Kharid's newest resident, the mysterious entrepreneur Faruq, has brought to market a selection of curiosities to help pass the time between grand escapades.


If your clan needs fair ways of making decisions, then Faruq has something for you. If you want to have a race without any cheating or need something to mark the route, he can help. Whether you’re planning a scavenger hunt, a race, a seeking game or any kind of adventure within the adventure, Faruq asks only that you look at his wares, because he might have just what you need.


To peruse Faruq’s Tools for Games, check out the stall he has set up next to Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid market.


This is an unusual update for us, because, unlike just about everything else in RuneScape, we haven’t planned out what you should do with it. During development, we thought of things you could do, of course, but I’m eager to see what else you can come up with yourselves.


To make the tools, we sought suggestions from the forums, fan sites and various corners of Jagex. It all helped shape the project, and some of the players who made suggestions when the developer blog went out should find certain objects very familiar: congratulations on making your mark on the game!

In other news...


You can once again walk out of Edgeville’s bank using the minimap when heading north-east!


We’ve removed a small selection of items from the Grand Exchange to improve offer matching. For example, all but the fully charged and lowest charged versions of enchanted rings have been removed. The removed items can still be traded; they just no longer show up on the Grand Exchange.

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