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Few things I'd like to show off..


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Prototype was a video game, by the way.


^ Render was hella sharp, and I never blurred it for some reason. Looks bleh!


^was for a main clan, lacks a border i guess, forgot to put one on. i like sigs with borders



^ dragonite, <3


That's about it really. I started a year or two ago, might get back into it, not sure. I'm not very good so yeah :D

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Not bad man, the sigs had real potential if the experience was there, love the c4d you added to the assassin creed one but the depth colour and text on the sig just wasn't there.

I like the gengar one, not sure about the text again

And the dragonite one is pretty good, you could have added a little more effects to it though.


All in all I like them man.

Just giving constructive thoughts to your work. :)


~ XQ

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Dragonite one is sweeet!

Final Ownage Elite

Home of the Greatest. Legends of P2P





Azrael Warned on Feb 6 2012, 03:01 AM View Topic

Added to warn level: Did I just see a ***** made of adamant? I think so.

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