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Clan Advertisement Rules


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Before posting a topic in any of the sub-forums below, please keep the following in mind.


  • These forums are to advertise clans only.
  • Please post only one topic per clan.
  • Only post a recruitment topic if you are the designated leader of the clan.
  • If your clan has closed, or you notice an open topic of a closed clan, please contact a staff member to have it closed.
  • Do not post on a clan's recruitment topic with the intent to insult the clan, it's members, etc.



While writing your recruitment topic, it would be beneficial to include:

  • Your clan's full name and initials.
  • Leaders of the clan.
  • Your clan's requirements.
  • A link to your clan's website and memberlist.
  • Some images/video(s) of your clan's events, activities and accomplishments.
  • Your clan's IRC channel.
  • Some information about your clan (history, popular events, etc.)



Thank you for reading this topic before posting a reply or new topic in the Clan Recruitment Forums.






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