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  1. Jay


    Hi, is '07scape worth playing? I might just buy a pure and a few mil for nostalgia.
  2. Glad we're starting to get to the point where PKing is where it should be. Videos of proper team PKing, ancients, kharil's, etc rather than msb with rune arrows.
  3. Jay

    Multiple Bearheads

    This will be nice to have, thank you.
  4. Any moron can click their spec bar and eat food, 2013 "pures" don't have any different characterists to "2006" pures, lets not all pretend because we've been doing this longer these newer people don't have "our mindset", what is our mindset exactly? That we're better than them? lol. I'm referring to honor, mostly. In my experience, as far as I can remember, the majority of pures were honor-bound. Teleporting was a sin, everyone was civil, very few pj-ed, clans were respectful, etc. I'm not referring to a better or worse PKer quality, I'm referring to a community quality.
  5. For the record, I'm doing this while working 45 hour weeks and taking 18credits at school :)
  6. This is just a place for me to organize my goals in 07Scape, feel free to add suggestions and tips.



 Attack: 33/60 Strength: 46/85 Defence: 1/1 Ranged: 1/60 Magic: 35/82 Prayer: 18/52 Agility: 9/45 Herblore : 10/37 Thieving: 11/53 Crafting: 11/35 


  7. Thank you, Grim! Looks like I'm going to be spending some time questing.
  8. I was on the pure scene back in '07, but I'm having trouble differentiating between what was pre-07 and what was post-07. I'm so used to having 99att/str and a stack of GP so building my pure in these new servers is tough. I'm just requesting some advice on training/questing/etc. I'm currently 30att, 46str, 35ish mage. I've got about 500k, I don't plan on PKing until 60att, 80ish str. Mostly looking for a decent place to train combat, rock crabs seems slow. I recall experiments and bandits being good training spots but I'm too low leveled for those. I remember there being guides for every quest you should do, items to get, skills to train, etc.
  9. I don't think pure clanning will ever return to what it was, for the two following reasons. Starting from scratch. Making a new pure is one thing, making it without a main to transfer GP from is cumbersome. The community that made oldschool pure clanning what it was has left by now. There are some veterans still around (I think?) but the bulk of them are gone. Most of the new "pures" will be bringing over habits/characteristics from PKing in newscape. The mindset of oldschool clanning is missing.
  10. Of course this isn't against the rules. I'm sure there's someone power-fishing out there who wouldn't mind turning the fish they can't cook into something edible. Good luck.
  11. Jay


    Updated OP cause I put wrong rsn
  12. Dude! I don't remember what RSN I had when I knew you.. Feared Scimy, Jaby, Jaytheist, We Boned You? You were TGG right?
  13. Jay


    I leave it on so people who see this can message me. What's your name? Anyone can feel free to come to my clan chat (Jaytheist), I'm always in there when I'm online.
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