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Just Another Opinion, Pking Came First Though


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This is a REALLY long textwall just sorta expressing my view on the current situation the community is in. If you don't feel like reading it all, then ask somebody who does read it if you care enough. This is just sorta my observation from a F2p Pker's standpoint, and I'm not saying I'm the god of reason, but that's just my view on all of this.








I read both Karl and Omni's topics, and most of the replies that were made on their topics, and I felt a bit inclined to make my own post/discussion open for those who are interested enough in their community to take note of the surges beneath it.






First off I would like to just start off by saying Scott is a brilliant writer, and I believe that his skills are journalist-worthy by anybody's measure. Great work to put out and ask Karl to post for you, I've never been able to just chat with you, but that's just the way things are. I definitely see your points and agree with them, although sadly the revolution is not likely to happen the way we'd like it to happen.


Secondly, Omni has a valid point, one that I've noticed as an observer, despite the fact my clanning days didn't really begin until 2009. The pure community pretty much lost its definition and true center with the removal of the wilderness, and it might've been "wiser" for the preservation of the pure ideal if clans would've closed following December 12th or whenever it was, 2007.










However I'm not really here to debate about the "clan" aspect or the "defence" aspect of Pures, because being a f2p based Pker (started in 2005, successfully 2006), I began of course as a typical "main"... up until combat 82ish or so when I'd reached 65 attk 65str 65def. I was strictly a melee user, and after choosing to just level attack/str and leave defence where it was at, I made my baby steps in moving along the pure-path permanently, without any sort of YouTube influences or clanning experience.


The original goals for pures was to do the most damage at the lowest combat level. That cannot be debated nor argued against, because that was the whole point of NOT levelling defence purposefully on one's account. Obviously, however, people are allured by the aspect of new armour/gear/bonuses that defence levels offer, and so as Omni stated, the PCL era in essence pushed pure clans along that path just to survive, by remaining "successful". The fact that any combat range could enter Clan Wars and BH Craters for the most part just encouraged the movement for HPC's and Higher Combat Levels just in general.


Of course when Wilderness was brought back, and even before when the BH Worlds were again based on combat level tightness/range, many clans just kept their habits of pushing for more levels, more "damage", and thus created the ever-widening gap between the individual members' and their cb's..... WHICH COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A CLAN.





Of all of the clans out there currently, the tightest clans out there as far as sticking to what range they like Pking in are Fatality (focalizing more than 80% of their ml over cb 90), xL (started as 64-74, and now are at 73-85), NME (started tight, have remained tight though they have some stragglers, and currently mostly boast 76-90 cb, all with 1-10def), and the newly opened LPCs. Every other clan has their "core" that has an avg cb range, but on their big events, EVERY single HPC/MPC has players ranging from combat 70-110, which is utterly ridiculous just looking from a Pking standpoint, which is the whole reason clans were formed in the first place.


If I'm dreadfully honest, my personal definition of a Pure Pker is anybody whose Constitution level is equal to or higher than their combat level. That's at their "maxed" status where they won't level combat anymore. Does that mean I classify 40-45def rune pures as "pures"? If they max out combat 99 w/ 80attack 40def 44prayer, then hell yea. Maxed out @ cb 92 w/ 60attk 40def? Hell the **** yea. Most of them don't fight with armour anyways, they just bring it and wear it for the risk/profit factor, which is the most popular appeal to Pkers anyways. Again, I'm speaking from a F2p standpoint, and obviously Turmoil and such COMPLETELY changed the outlook of things, but even w/ turmoil, a good rune pure who sacrifices his attack and prayer level to remain within his/her preferred cb range (88-100), will beat out that maxed turmoil pure.




The reason people complain about the "addy" and "defence" is because the style they prefer to PK is in robes w/ fast moves and constant damage... both dealt and received. When clan leaders fail to keep their clan in the respective cb avg and range that they can handle/enjoy Pking with/against, it stirs up drama and **** because it's not fun to have stragglers and people sitting in 1v1 unable to participate w/ their clan. And as for the "powerhouses" who have so widened their cb range it's disgusting, their high levels find themselves sniped by Main Clans, and their low levels have to be in deep wild to compete and fight with their clan. This limits available venues in the wilderness to fight, as well as spurs on the desire for more levels. Be it defence, attack, prayer, whatever.









All of this is unconscious, but it's an active mental game that plays through people's heads. My favorite combat range to Pk 1v1 is 88-98. My favorite multi cb range to Pk in is 80-95. Obviously I would choose the best of both worlds and the appropriate clan/community to get that. Clans have lost this image though, and so it leads to the tears we currently have within the community today.


Morale of the story, re-asses what you clan for. If you just clan to rush out and bash heads, maybe you should join a main clan. If you like to be tight-knit and successful with your mates in your combat range, then find that clan that suits you, or make one and build it with your mates. Some of the longest-lasting clans have been based off of SMALL Pking teams, that got good and official working together in their element, and so moved on into other and more "profitable" things.



Just something to think about. Sorry for textwall.





ILY if you read that <3

Proud Founder of the NMEKU


Proud ex-Advanced EOP.

Proud ex-Legend NME.

Proud current +Oldschool of Hi.

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I've noticed a lot of worthless posts on topics like this, so if your post is "tl;dr" or something similar, I'd recommend not posting it.


OT: The clan I'm in has a tight level range for the reasons you stated, our clan is meant to pk. The tighter the range, the more effectively you can pk anywhere.





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