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  1. It's been posted like 500 times already, who really cares to be honest. The server is coming no matter what.
  2. I can't wait! I most likely will only be playing maybe few hours a week, but I know in those few hours I will have a great time.
  3. Who the **** cares, go outside you are missing out. The game has sucked for years.
  4. Windows Movie Maker editing?
  5. I don't understand why you can't construct a paragraph.
  6. You should concentrate more on college than a website that will die off within the next few months.
  7. lol, I wonder if that banner was ripped off from another clan that was opened in the past hmmm :P
  8. I quit long before EOC update, but I agree the lack of runescape does help straight your life out.
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