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Pur3 kide|M_X_D


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Real Life Name: My real life name is to god danm long, so my friends call me M_X_D


RuneScape Name: Pur3_kide - Got the stats/cash I want on this account and I'm currently trying to get 76 fishing. Once I hit 76 fishing I'll AFK fishing shark while posting on forums :lol:


Current Clan: Devastation, been in Dv for 2 years made my way from Forum Guest to Leader rank.


Interests: Football, Basketball and to download new movies before they come out.


Current Goals: I don't really have any goals on Runescape, I like to spend my time warring with Dv or solo pking.



I found out about Pure Warfare by HATTON, thanks for the link. This community is looking great and I'm looking forward to see what else you got to offer.



P.S Please add more emoticons, thanks.

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