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  1. A sports forum my friend created a while back. Join if you like to discuss about sports. Yeaahhh have a good day. http://www.yourtwopennies.com/forum/forum.php
  2. Update on everything soon to come.
  3. - Do strong hold and waterfall quest first? Any other useful tips for beginners to make money or train stats?
  4. Sorry sorta late, really surprised how there were no big trades. The only winners I thought are Bucks getting Redick and Houston getting Thomas Robinson. Raps got Rudy Gay before trade deadline but it counts. Thoughts, opinions?
  5. I like, great job Karl.
  6. More votes than currently playing? Isn't that saying something to them? I voted.
  7. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball...-scoring-record Took over a 100 shots and made 54 of them? IMpressive.
  8. Its great but some of the names I can't even read.
  9. penguinz0

    NBA 2k13

    Get it if your into basketball.
  10. its me :) hope you enjoy :) Its my friend tbh...
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